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Wasp Help

I have some wasps hanging around my front door... obviously from overwintering. Yesterday when it hit 89 degrees, it seems like they came out in droves, I found a small nest, it looks like a little mud dome. with one hole about the size of a dime. I am guessing there are either more nests from the 8 wasps I saw around my door. I cant get close enough to Identify them. but when they fly around they look redish in color. Its a potentially dangerous situation as I am allergic and they keep getting in the house.. and we have a 2 year old that is possibly allergic as well ( shes had all my allergies so far.. ) last year we had 6 that managed to get into the house... I cannot figure out where they would be getting in from..

How do I get rid of these things?? ( or what should i tell my husband to do... haha!) we bought a wasp trap, hopefully it will work..


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I've heard that spraying them with water, or hairspray, can slow them down long enough to squash them. However, can't say that I've tried either. I had some recently when workers were gutting an upper story room, but I just waited patiently until they landed somewhere in reach and then I whacked them. Best to kill 'em with the first whack, though, I'd wager. Happy hunting!


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I use wasp & hornet sprays of various brands. You can spray them and their nests from a safe distance.
Good Luck!
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Watch them for awhile. See if you can figure out where their nests are.

Then wait for a cold day to deal with them. They will be sluggish then.
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The mud dome/tube/pack that you saw was from a mud dauber wasp. These are incubation chambers. The opening indicates that it/they emerged and left. It is not a nest. If you pick at it, you may find dead spiders inside as the adult female that built it and laid the eggs put the spiders there for offspring to feed on. The wasps you see around your door may simply be co-incidental to the mud dauber pack.

Mud dauber wasps are basically harmless. They can sting, but have no aggression behavior. They are actually beneficial.

The wasps you see may be looking to build a paper nest. Keep harassing them, as they like the environment there. Make them dislike it. The consistent water spraying idea is good, but be consistent.
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