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I certainly don't know much about termites, but I do know that this "Trap, Treat and Release" method of termite eradication was heralded as a major breakthrough when it was first announced because it allowed the cheap and effective treatment of entire city blocks and neighborhoods with less effort and expense than it previously took to treat a single house.

I don't know what the difference is between the TTR method developed in Toronto and the baiting methods developed in France and supposedly used for over 10 years.

What I do know is that Toronto had a major termite problem in some areas, and that entire neighborhoods are now being treated by volunteers who simply collect the traps, treat the termites and return them to the original trap locations.

You have the Urban Entomology Program web site and their phone number. Why not invest $5 in a long distance calling card and phone them up to get more detail on whether or not their program works on ALL termites or just certain kinds. You should be able to talk to someone over there for a total of nearly 2 hours for $5. And, I expect that anyone you talk to would be able to answer all your questions. Also, there's no reason you can't talk to Tim Myles himself; he's just a prof. He's not a God or anything. You'll be able to find out exactly what they're doing in Toronto, what kind of success they're having and exactly what you'd need to do on your own property to treat your own house.

You have $5 to lose and very much to gain.

I'm Nestor Kelebay and I approved this message.


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I am very aware of the damage that drywood termites do. I am in the process of restoring my old house, and this place is loaded with drywood damage. It looks like this place went decades without any treatment. The resaon I was asking about the drywood termites, there are some evenings, when the wind is light, that these drywood termites start landing on the front of my house. I try to kill the ones I see, but I am afraid that if not already, in time, they'll be back. This treatment you mentioned, can someone like me buy this, or is it just for the pros? The way I look at it, even though I have a warranty of the little buggers, I would rather not have to have mt house tented again. Its too much of a pain. If there was something that I could put out, just in case these termites get in my house again, that would kill them, I'm all for that.

I realize that the drywoods takes a long time to do major damage, but as I tear into my house (some windows sashes right now) I am seeing major damage all over the place. Most of the damage is repairable, but there have been a few places so far, that the wook was nothing but a shell left.

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We are in the same boat. We ended up replacing three walls of our exteriour mother-in-law apartment because the wood was just a shell and the contractor was amazed that it hadn't already fallen down.

Searching Google you can see several things that you can do to treat termites, orange oil is the only one that I think you can do yourself. But tenting is the one thing you really will have to think about if you think they are allover the house and in the walls.

You also have to treat the subterranean termites by injecting something in to the soil and into the foundation. I don't know if you can do that one yourself.

All I know is that you do need to try and stop them because the damage just keeps getting worse.
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If you have extensive drywood termites in inaccessible areas, then fumigating is the logical choice. If you are restoring a house, as you open walls you might want to treat the exposed timbers with Bora-Care. It penetrates up to ten inches into wood. 2x4's and 2x6's wood be easily saturated. Treating with Bora-Care would not only kill any termites presently in the wood, unlike fumigants, it would leave a permanent residual to protect against future infestations. Bora-Care also protects against carpenter ants, carpenter bees, subterraean termites and fungus and dryrot. Oh yeah... and it's active ingredient is a natural.

Bugzilla out --

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Yup, I bought some of that stuff years ago, and that is exactly what I do. When there is wood exposed, it gets a coat. My problem is the damage from many years ago. It looks as though this house has 50+ years of damage!


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