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rightit 04-30-2011 05:35 PM

Termite protection - Concrete Hole?
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The attached image shows a recently poured bathroom floor. A bucket was placed around the shower drain before the pour, as its exact placement had not yet been determined. (I now have a kohler cast iron shower pan that will be placed when the time is right)

I assumed that, after positioning and gluing the drain, I would fill the hole to the bottom of the concrete with dirt, cover with plastic, drill rebar into the sides of the hole, prime with bonding agent and fill with concrete.

However, I've been told that this will not keep termites out. A few opinions have been:

1) Pour a professional strength pesticide (i.e., Termador) into the ground, then proceed as above.
2) After filling with dirt, top off with hot tar.

Whatever the solution, I'll also need to apply something similar to the 4" stack in the wall (to right in image), as the concrete doesn't enclose the back.

What are the opinions here? I live in the deep south, where termites are an issue.


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PAbugman 05-01-2011 08:07 AM

Termidor is an outstanding material and an excellent choice.
I would consider:

Pour Termidor onto the soil-slow enough and at intervals so that it soaks down at least several feet.

Layer the following on top of soil prior to covering: Tim-Bor powder or equivalent powder based on active ingredient. A layer of boric acid would be a close second. I mean the dust/powder, not diluted with water.

I would spread tim-bor powder onto the sill plates prior to closing the walls. I did that in our basement and garage. I recommend it in sheds as well. It is good for termite repellent, kills crawling insects, kills/prevents mold.

Consider spraying a dilute solution of timber onto the exposed studs, especially since it is a bathroom. It is very safe material to work with; inorganic so it lasts for years.

When you mix the powder with water, you must stir it to make a solution. A paint stirrer or paint stick in a bucket works well. It will get clear when it is in solution. Shaking it won't work. It is not a martini!

rightit 05-01-2011 04:14 PM

Thanks for some great information, PAbugman! I have an online source from which I can obtain both products you mention (although I'll be checking for local sources first).

For the application mentioned, how much Termidor would be recommended (a hole about the size of a 5 gal bucket filled with dirt to about 6" from top)? The online sources I mention charge about $62 for a 20 oz bottle (does this sound about right?). Would it be useful to have extra on hand (i.e., are there other applications I might find useful)?

Also, I assume that the Termidor should be poured undiluted onto the soil in the pre-concrete hole?

The Tim-bor seems quite useful to have on hand.


Consider spraying a dilute solution of timber onto the exposed studs
Tim-bor? And is it recommended to spray the solution onto interior exposed studs (in a shop behind house)?

Thank you for some very useful information!


PAbugman 05-04-2011 09:42 AM

Use dilute Termidor; We mix it at 1 oz/gal water when we are using 100 gal more or less. In your case I'd consider mixing it at 2 oz/gal as you will be using much less volume. Mix it one gallon at a time and pour in to the opening. I'd want about 5 gallons of dilute eventually poured in. The 1 oz per gal is a good rate for ant control on exterior of house, as well. Excellent for ants.

The price sounds about right.

My spell checker changer tim-bor to timber, if I'm not careful. Yes, spray dilute tim-bor onto exposed studs, interior or exterior. On sill plates and over the hole your are treating with termidor, I'd use the undiluted powder.

rightit 05-05-2011 11:52 AM

Thanks for your help, PAbugman. The information you provided gives me one less detail to worry about. :).

Thanks again,

maddieev 07-19-2011 09:13 AM

You could install a steel termite shield around the top of the hole.

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