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I Think I am going mix some Milky spore powder with some form of Spectaceid, Trying to remove the Grub Buffet. Hopefuly they well move on.


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This is an old thread but I will comment. Getting rid of their food source and denying them access to first class lodging is the best way to get rid of them. Your lawn will be pleased you got rid of the grubs as will your veges that have been attacked by the next phase in their lifecycle. Do use only the concentration of insectisides recommended on the product labels. Less really can be more. Over and misuse of such chemicals forces the government to step in and ban stuff because of threats to the environment from run-offs and things.

Skunks, unless sick, are docile creatures and will move on long before so much as hissing at you unless you sneak up on them. They can consume a lot of insects you can do without. I wouldn't think throwing rocks at them as the OP did would bring out terms of endearment from them. They can carry some diseases and of course if one sprays you, your house, or your garage you will remember it forever. The immediate smell is like no other. It can be really fun if the family dog corners one, runs in the house to brag and then rolls on the carpet or sofa!

I did not realize skunks could not be relocated in Illinois. I guess many animals cannot be. I know that by law, trappers have to terminate captured raccoons because of a dangerous disease they can spread through their feces and other things. Darned auto wire chewing squirrels can be taken elsewhere and set free though!

Skunks are one of few species that will adopt others. In Northern California I remember visiting a home with a skunk family on parade. Mama first. Then came Dad with the fur stripped off his tail (typical behavior to line nests) and last after a litter of baby skunks was the adopted member of the family, a baby raccoon that was already twice the size of any of the skunk offspring. Reminded me of that Steve Martin comedy or something. Beyond "cute" and I usually am not moved at all by cutesy stuff or people.

If they have been living under the garage or other structure do not underestimate the size of the nest/den or whatever. They are not as bad as groundhogs but I once rebuilt a a reasonable size garage that had a groundhog family under it----living in 36,000 cubic feet of hollowed out space! It was amazing.


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