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I've heard that cats and dogs don't care for the smell of moth balls.

I've never asked my cat though!


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It seems I remember hearing goats and snakes do not get along well. I want to say the goats will kill the snakes.
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Goats and snakes? Hmm... weird pairing.

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On the brite side, rattlers are good eating.
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The best thing you can do is keep your grass cut very short. I cut mine every 4 days in the summer. Weedeat frequently. And dont keep brush piles.

Im surrounded by fields..Never seen a snake. I had a vegetable garden that was way overgrown too..Never saw one in it.

They go to the neighbors that dont mow as frequently.

Moth balls are a good deterrent for lots of pests. Not 100% but not going to hurt much. Good to throw some in a tool shed, etc where mice or snakes are a possibility. I probaly wouldnt have moth balls around pets.

Ive heard lime helps keep snakes away. Ive spread it around my yard a couple times. Hard to prove it one way or the other..

Cats definitely help..If you can have a few strays on your property. Ive seen them catch snakes on my parents property. Its definitely not 100% though..because they still see them once in a while.

Snake-a-way type products are too expensive to be practical. Unless youre just protecting a real small area.

We dont even have many poiseneous snakes in NY. Its rare..but I just hate snakes! Just one of those fears..Cant seem to overcome it.

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snakes're drawn to food supplies as are most living things,,, when we cleared land in anderson, sc, for our const yard, found tons of mice & more'n a few copperheads,,, was funny watching grown men ( operators ) running out of d-8 bulldozers w/air-condition'd cabs'cause there were snakes caught in the tracks,,, then they'd run across cleared land & thru the yet uncleared to the dirt trails
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snakes have an excellent sense of smell,so your animal rescue could be the reason you have so many rattlers.espeacially if you have small bird s or mice.try making a trap out 4 or 5 inch pvc 5-6 feet long with one end capped and several small holes drilled in it the other end with a one way trap door.this is a version of the traps the old timers around here used and they work very well.just be careful when you catch one cause he will be mad. p.s.guinnea fowl are better than anything for finding and killing snakes. and are better than any watch dog.


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