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question about oriental cockroaches

This morning is about the 4th time in the 3 years we've lived in this house ( we are out in rural Iowa) that I have seen an oriental roach- during the day- in my living room (I know oriental because I found some pics online) I keep our house very clean. No one eats in the LR, no water there either, no excess humidity. The basement however is dark and has a small water leak and I have found maybe 10 dead roaches down there in 3 years. But I did see a dying roach down there recently so I put out glue traps all along the walls in the basement and haven't had any roaches show up in over a week. I've never found or seen a roach in the kitchen where the food is. I've read if you see a roach in the day it means you're infested. I just haven't found any other signs of an infestation. Wouldn't you see more than 10 dead roaches over a 3 year period? Is my living room infested? It is an old addition over a crawl space. I haven't found any dead ones in the living room only the basement. I also read that oriental roaches prefer damp and dark basements, our upstairs is dry and bright. I don't know what to think. Maybe they come up the crawl space into the walls. Should I seal under the trim where the gap of drywall/floor is? I'm just not feeling like we're infested however seeing a giant roach on your curtain in the bright morning light is abit disarming. Also want to mention it is very cold here so they would have had to come in last summer or fall maybe??? any opinions? Thanks!


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Call a terminator to verify your problem. They need to look at signs that you will not find. One way is with a black light. They have oily bodies that leave trails. If they are oriental, call INS and do not leave the Chinese food in cardboard containers.


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i once moved into a home that was infested with B. americana. YUCK!!! Terminix then came every month >end of problem....if you want to try something yourself; use boric acid[lightly-more is not better] can also get a jar or bottle with a wide mouth,steep sides..coat inside with Vaseline, put carrots or lettuce in bottom with piece of moistened paper towell....make ramp to top with damp, crumpled, paper towell...locate in likely hiding place [dark,moist]... empty into toilet every morning. [they're active normally between 10:00-02:00] this will also tell you the extent of your of the MANY germs they can carry,i understand,is the bactirium for leprosy. i guess they carry whatever is indigenous to where they live. any local lepers??
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Simple fix
treat the inside perimeter of your home with Demand CS
Treat the exterior with Niban granular bait or Entice

They are most likely coming up from the basement so treat that with the demand also

Ten roaches in 3 years is nowhere near infestation levels

take the roach to your agricultural extension office for a positive ID
I can not tell you how many times I have been sent out on a mi DIed call, and that was by experienced sales people
Spent 25 years in Pest Control
Now I pull Raccoons out of peoples attics
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