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Antmadness 08-27-2010 12:28 AM

Need advice on carpenter ants
Here is what I have done thus far and what I plan to do. Looking for any thoughts or comments I have a solarium/sun room which when I purchased the house had leaks which have been repaired. Before I got the house sided I saw some carpenter ants were entering under the cedar shakes. I used a mixture of boric acid and corn syrup and thought I had eradicated the problem. I noticed this summer one of the cement columns holding up the room I had ants going up and down and disappearing under the vinyl siding a different place than my original problem area. I placed a mixture of boric acid and jelly. Which had about 30 ants feeding on it. Activity of the ants diminished over time. Recently, I spotted a number of ants in the solarium, in another part of the room. I picked up spectracide ant defense and sprayed generously along the baseboards of the room this was around 4 days ago. The stuff works pretty well it knocks out and kills quickly. I have noticed more ant activity outside in one area of the room since then. So far I counted in 4 days around a total of 50 ants killed in the room in both corners and in the middle of the room. One corner seems to have more than the other areas. Since the ants are dying fairly quickly I don't know specifically where they are coming in. My plan of attack. Pick up Drione Dust and between each of the studs drill a small hole and spray the dust into the outer walls of the room. I have questions regarding this. Will this kill the colony or will it cause it to move elsewhere? Will it get the queen? Have never used Drione but saw youtube videos and it seems effective. Any thoughts on my attack plan. I can't bait inside with terro since the ants die too quickly. I have a general idea of where the ants might be. Most of the ants over the last few days seem to be tiny forages than before. Madness

PAbugman 08-27-2010 06:38 AM

Drione dust would be a good strategy-however it is a lot of work, but it will create an environment toxic to insects in the voids for a long time. Using baits for carpenter ants is really hit or miss, usually doesn't work-sounds like you're having success with bait, though.

The fact that you are finding dead ants is a good sign. Any treatment using repellent insecticides, which is most over the counter ones, including drione and spectracide could move the ants, but it could also solve the problem. Again, the dead ants are a good sign.

Using termidor outside (non-repellent) around the house perimeter, high and low, has a better chance of colony elimination over several weeks. Carpenter ants send foragers to the outside, even though the nest may be inside, thus slowly picking up the termidor.

Antmadness 08-27-2010 01:14 PM

Thanks for response. I can't seem to get termidor. Im in NY but the CT distributor said you need a double license to purchase. Is there a substitute. Realize this is a BASF product and believe there are patent restrictions so far. What I seem to be killing are the forages. I believe once the nest realizes they aren't getting a enough food supply the queen will continue to reinforce her forages troops by laying more eggs. Guess you can't starve the buggers out right? Thanks Madness

PAbugman 08-27-2010 04:52 PM

The state of NY is not helping us at all here; my next 2 choices are Phantom and Arilon, both unavailable in NY. These two and Termidor are non-reprellent which make them valuable tools for ants and roaches.

My next two choices will have the following active ingredients:
1) Imidacloprid; non-repellent
2) Bifenthrin; repellent

Both are off patent restriction and can be found under various brand names. I urge you to get the concentrate and mix it with water yourself. Much cheaper and gives you more flexibility.
Bifenthrin is repellent, but at lower doses it doesnt seem to repel in a negative way. We've used it a lot for all ants prior to Termidor and Phantom.

Another consideration: I always try to operate "above the table" but if I have to "deal below the table" I will in order to get the job done, providing that the benefit is worth the risk, therefore my question: Do you know anyone out of state that can get Termidor for you? Termidor is head and shoulders above all the other choices, with Phantom showing in a strong second place.

Since you have had success with your bait, you may want to consider some of the gel ant baits. The strategy behind non-repellent insecticides is that they will track it back to the nest; strategy behind baiting is much the same in that they will bring it back to the nest. If they feed strongly on the bait you can get colony elimination that way.

noquacks 08-29-2010 07:55 PM

Yup....imidacloprid also in Dominion 2L. I used it for subterraneans. Works great. Good also for ant/etc. Go for it. Oh....more reasonably priced than the highly touted termidor.

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