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theonetheonly 03-26-2011 08:30 PM

mysterious tiny bugs biting me (not bed bugs)
After ripping up carpet in my new house I had purchased about 6 months ago, I began getting bit up all over my legs while removing carpet though I did not notice one bug/insect (this was done in morning while sun was lighting up my room)
I had orkin and terminix come out, they found nothing in bed, mattress, the area where I sleep.
Was relieved it was not bed bugs as I am very familiar with them originally from NYC suburbs. So I bought the pump sprayer that you mix the liquid insecticide w water, shake it well, then pump it up 300 times or so to pressurize it so that you can treat your dwelling the same way the exterminators do (without waiting your money with no guarantee from these pest control companies except you will spending at least 400.00 minimum w no results guaranteed). I mixed suspend sc with gentrol (IGR, stops insects from reproducing), mixed w water and sprayed it all over hardwood flrs, carpet areas in living rm and another bedrm, pretty much drenched the floors/carpets/baseboards w this stuff. Vacuumed each day later
Well it seems to be a bit better now (sprayed yesterday) but I still am receiving bites, mainly on ankles+ groin area only on one side (right side, small rash prob from bites)
Upon examining bed today, noticed tint reddish brown insects on bottom of mattress, these are not bed bugs but they still are a pest biting me.
I might add that I am 80% sure that the majority of the bugs were fleas (I have no pets, no tenants) prob there from the previous owner of my house
My house is in the northern suburbs of Syracuse NY, close to Liverpool NY
(Onondaga County)
I am putting a link on here to show you what I have found so far pics w my digital camera, the red circular mass (tiny) was found in the bathtub near the black flea??? the morning after spraying (when I squished the red thing, blood did come out, you can see that in the pics.)
Any pest control experts, see if you can identify what types of bugs these are (besides the fleas) and what chemicals I can use along w gentrol to eliminate them. Thanks very much for your help.
I might add after removing the filthy carpet, there seemed to be 2 or 3 raised spots on my scalp (they have gone away, dropped off?) (deer tics??)

esp pics 5, 6, 7, 26, 27, also pic 30, ones after that I am not sure if this is carpet fiber or some insect, thank you!
pic 4 is inside underwear in plastic Unopened, not sure what that is!!??

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