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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
Lepto WHAT? I have had dogs for 40 odd years and never heard of that.
I will look it up but man o man, don't tell me I have to spend more $ on these animals. My old setter has diabetes and I can hardly afford THAT
Lepto shot is given in combo with Distemper. I don't remember doing it when we lived out West. But there have been several recorded cases in Maryland this year....

Sorry about your Setter. I've got an old Doxie, Milhouse, with a bad back who had his jaw broken by a 95lb pit bull this spring. I REALLY can't afford him, but I sure love him.

When he was attacked (the Pit Bull got loose and came in our yard...And my Doxie undaunted by his size, tried to make her leave) we decided if it was not fixable or if it was more than X$ he would meet his maker. The vet called me and said, "I know it's only Milhouse, but I can fix this." And the price was just under what my husband and I had agreed upon. So, he got his jaw reconstructed and is doing just fine - He's cost quite a bit for a 45$ dog from the humane society.


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Originally Posted by hominamad View Post
Thanks. Thats what I expected. Set traps two days ago. Bait hasn't even been touched. It seems like the mice just came out when we were away for 2 weeks. They don't seem to be around while we're home - or even at night.

I don't understand how the mice got into some of those places. For instance, a free standing, four legged table - not near any walls, or anything. How could it get up there? Can a mouse climb a smooth table leg?

The ant problem was easy to take care of with the liquid ant traps (boric acid I believe). That stuff works great.
After using the Victor mouse traps for years I have found a "better mouse trap". The Ortho Press N Set seems to work better because the mouse must step on the trigger to get at the food, he cant just lick it like he can with the Victor mouse traps. Often when a mouse trap has a heavy trigger the mouse can eat the bait without setting off the trap. This new mouse trap uses a cup cup to hold the mouse trap bait and the mouse must stand on it to get to the bait. The cup also helps a lot because you can use many different types of bait, I found that a sunflower seed works best.

I usually catch a few mice in the first few days and then after a few weeks another one will pop up so don't remove your traps to quickly. There is a great article showing this trap at work called The Best Mouse Trap.

Also, mice can get anywhere they will spend hours trying to get onto a ledge. They can easily jump onto a chair and down onto drawer ledges from counter tops.
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Mouse droppings????

We too have an infestation of what looks like mouse droppings but they too are like your photos. They are BUGS. We squashed one. It is hard shelled and full of guts. They are in several corners of the house. When you shine alight on them they are tiny wormlike bugs reddish brown in colour. They are unfamiliar to us as have never seen them before nor can we identify them. Are they brought in on foreign produce or products????
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My house backs to the woods so I get an occasional mouse in the kitchen looking for food. I have found these traps to be very effective. They are also safe for kids and pets since they can't get inside. Just a little dab of peanut butter in the bait door and you are good to go. And there is no way for the mouse to even get near the bait w/o setting off the trap. They market them to trap and contain the mouse and throw the whole thing away but I just shake 'em out and reuse them.
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Originally Posted by PAbugman View Post
response to #3: They do chew, but they are not big chewers, especially on hard to chew items. Rats and squirrels do the chewing damage.
HUH? They are big chewers, especially on wiring! When i first bought my mobile home, there were wires chewed in half, wires stripped of their coatings, and wires melted from chew damage. And it was mice, as evidenced by the fact that one mouse was STILL ATTACHED. Hard to argue with that! If you want i can go out to the trailer and take a picture of some of the heavily damaged wiring we stripped from the walls.

And to the OP, those are mouse droppings. Mice can get anywhere, they can get under doors, squeeze into cabinets, chew through just about anything except steel wool. And dont forget, mice do have opposable thumbs and can grasp stuff. Dont believe me, watch them eat. And they can run on a wire, so they can definitely run on the top edge of a cabinet door. You have mice, my friend. Get rid of them now, as they do carry disease and will chew on your wires and insulation.
Not to mention, if you have carpet, its really hard to get rid of the smell of mouse piss.


Come and see the progress on my mobile home paradise!!! (NEW PICS ADDED ON 01/26/15!!)
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