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Originally Posted by Leah Frances View Post
What did the bleach solution do to your lawn?
I was just checking in to give an update and this was on my list. The bleach water leaves little dead spots. I think it's preferable to mounds of dirt which also leave dead spots. I'm assuming the grass will grow back healthy in a relatively short period of time (though no guarantees from my end).

So it's been almost a month since I treated the yard and today a noticed the 1st new mound. I'll blast it and keep you posted.


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moles & bleach water

Maybe they took a vacation. I'm now being attacked from all sides. They're still only on the outskirts of the yard. The bleach water seems to deter them a bit, but not drive them out like I thought it did the 1st time. I'm not getting the consistent results I was hoping for. I don't know.
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trapping works, bleach doesn't

Now I'm finally doing it the old fashioned way and seeing long term results. It's just what I've read all along. You gotta trap em. What's encouraging- 1 mole really takes up a lot more territory than most would imagine. I thought my yard was infested (guessing dozens). I trapped 3 and was mole free for a couple weeks. Now every time I see new digs which is about 1nc a month I set 2 or 3 traps. I usually get it within a week. Peace for at least a while. But no joy on my end. Killing always makes me feel bad...but only for a moment.
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I'l post this again.
You may laugh and you may scoff, but Juicy Fruit gum gets rid of moles. Period. I've used this off and on for years, and haven't had a mole in years.
You just roll two fresh sticks together (I use gloves to keep the human scent off) and drop the rolled gum balls into the mole runs. They love to eat it, but can't digest it. End of mole problem.
Try it. Seeing is believing, and it won't damage your grass.
Good luck!
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My mole solution has four legs and a tail. All three of my dogs love to hunt them (my doxie-mix loves to eat them - YUCK). Couldn't say whether I have moles or voles, but they make a CRAZY high pitched noise when my dogs are hunting them. Like I imagine bats would sound like, if I could hear them.
If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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Mike is correct

I have never done it myself but the other guys that deal with moles alot swear by chewing gum

They use it to bait their trap though, but I have talked to other nuisance guys that use the gum on it's own

I myself prefer the old truck exhaust method
Trapping is too time consuming
Spent 25 years in Pest Control
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Talprid is very effective, although it might take 3-4 days to see results. But if you've been watching moles destroy your yard, what's a couple more days? Traps work well also.

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What type of trap are you guys using? I have a snap trap that drives spikes into the mound while they pass by, but I never caught one.
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the only mole solution that works

I realize this is an old post. Just in case you are still struggling with moles.

I tried all that is listed above. The chewing gum works but only for the moles that eat it. These guys breed fast.

I am not for killing them, but. I spent a fortune on our new lawn and the moles destroid it all. I declaired war and killed them all. no more moles.

HOW? Go to your local Ace hardware. They sell a rubber device that will clamp to the tail pipe of your car. You then attach a garden hose to it. Place the hose in the hole and run the car for 25 minutes. They will all die a painless death. make sure you use the oldest car in the driveway. Some of the new cars wont run with the back pressure from the hose.
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I've been having very good luck with the Juicy Fruit gum also. There are no new mounds in the front yard. I dropped the gum in there about a month ago.

Most of the areas of the back yard are mole-free now also. There were a LOT of tunnels before I used the gum. But I think I still have one of the little sh*ts back there. I found a few spots in a flower bed where the ground was raised.

I put a rolled up piece about every 6-8 ft. in every tunnel. Then I put one wherever two tunnels intersect. Overkill? Who knows and who cares. As long as it works. It's simple and cheap.

Great suggestion Mike. Thanks.


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