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4just1don 10-25-2009 01:19 PM

Mites or fleas in house
What is the too small for naked eye little critter that crawls all over you and bites like mad,altho doesnt leave a mark or welt,,,you just feel the bite,,you rub it and get this tiny grit of sand type thing off your skin.

IF I spray Tempo all around it goes away or gets alot less for a couple weeks and then comes roaring back.

Darn aggravating o be setting in the easy chair rubbing these critters off of you all night, ANY ways of 'permanent' removal of them,not the temp spray ways??

kerry42 11-07-2009 07:34 AM

Hello Do you have a dogs or cats that go out side if you do most likely fleas ,get you self some name brand indoor foggers and follow directions on can depending how bad or how many indoors may need to due twice. good look may also be bedbugs .Its been on the news lately that its a big problem this year . Have you had been to hotels or motels or have had guest spent the nite or even kids returning home from school or at camp thats the easiest way to get bedbugs I'm not saying that you have them but you might .Both are hard to see and both due bite, fleas will mostlikely bite around ankles and lower legs. bed bugs all over.

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