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Just curious--(if you're still reading this thread)-did you eventually solve the problem? Hope so. I lived in Baltimore for several years and we would sometimes have to deal with some real 'nightmare' mouse problems.

One quick note. Try sprinkling talcom powder outside around the areas you suspect they're coming in. If you see little footsie marks..you can at least narrow down your search for an entry point.


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How I solved the mice entrance problem !

" Peppermint oil " used for candy and / or baking A good drop here and some over there . Cotton balls in a bottle poor in the oil let them suck up the smell and oil
Toss them into your attic or where ever. My results were "the very next day "
no more noise???
Please don't ask me WHY??? A friend heard this from a friend and passed it on to me.

Good Luck
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This certainly has been a great forum - a lot of laughs for sure.....I think I solved the problem (fingers crossed) - the area next to the front door steps which I suspected was the point of entry probably was - I built the ground up with dirt about 4" in that corner - and also unloaded a can of insulation expanding spray on both the outside next to the concrete and stone steps to the front door and as well on all spaces in that same area on the inside.....I did see a little dig hole (2" deep) outside - apparently who or whatever tried the "dig" was without success - because I kept a close eye on the inside ceiling with a ceiling tile down for three months and four peanut butter baited traps - no catches - previous years I used to catch about 12 mice a season....of course that area is now covered with about 16" of snow....and no pitter patter of little feet....I think the entry hole was just at grade but with the extra dirt made the hole inaccessable - and the snow should keep 'em out at least until the spring thaw....It is quiet and peaceful at night - by the way the cat can't get out of his own way most of the time - so he was not gonna be a help.....again thanks all....I will update in the Spring.....Happy Holidays....!!
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I just want to suggest that you keep the poison fresh inside your house even if you think you've solved the problem because: 1) mice will find a way in, especially if you live next to a field and they're hungry and 2) if you had a lot of mice visiting, then more than a few probably set up house. Keep the bait fresh and the population boom won't get out of hand.


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