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Originally Posted by rusty baker View Post
If you trap a skunk live, how do you remove it from the trap without getting sprayed?

another good way.. before you set your trap up, take an old tarp cut it.. fit it.. let the handle of the trap be able to be used, set it up nice.. duct tape it..? wire tie it? however you feel like attaching it to the cage, bait it, set it.. check for the closed door the next day, pick it up if you got one, if he cant see you he'll feel less threatened.. or.. ya know you could really get rid of him for good..... .... something around 1000fps works really good


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many good tips here......

I had a trapline as a kid.....trapped muskrats/coons then graduated to red fox. I am now a chemist (I had to really graduate for that...LOL)

A poster above who is a professional advised that ammonia will not work as coons smell the same thing in their urine. Well, the famous Alexander Pope said "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing". Ammonia is not ammonia. Typical ammonia levels in urine of carnivores is about 0.2-0.4%, which increases some during decomposition. This is nothing compared to grocery store ammonia 5-10% (which is actually ammonium hydroxide).

But I would not use grocery store grade but industrial 28% strength. This is so strong any animal in its midst will not be able to breath. I had coons in my attic and found their entry in the overhang. Before boarding up the hole, I knew I could not chance trapping them inside to DIE. So I took home conc ammonium hydroxide, opened up the caps to 2 bottles, one at each end of the attic, and held my breath of course, and then left it up there for 3 days during which time I heard no more noise from them.

That way I was sure they were gone. THEN i boarded up the hole.
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If you could trap them though, during December/january, their skins are worth some $$.........if too soon, they have blue skins, if too late like February, they get urine stains and what is called "rubbing"........Not saying to wait and bear the pain of coons in the attic til Prime fur season, just if its a coincidence, get em then!!

remember: you can use 1X2 welded wire, do not use cheap 18 gauge, but minimum of 14 gauge, to seal up holes/etc......

If fastened correctly, they will NOT get through (I also had a fur farm years ago, and understand about wire/cages).....


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