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Houseflies cover basement floor!

I am the Director of a nonprofit, and among my duties is the management of grounds issues, including the parsonage. Last year in the middle of summer, flies began turning up in the parsonage in droves. The clergy can Hoover them all up from the basement floor and they just keep coming. Considering they are there by the hundreds, daily, there really isn't the kind of flying fly volume I'd expect, either. When the snow hit, they disappeared, and are now reappearing again. We even bleached all the basement drains to no avail.

I know that flies are often there because there is something dead around, but we've searched to no avail, and the fact that they disappeared when the snow hit leaves me to believe it may be outside the house? There are two LARGE holes under a porch adjacent the basement that had previously been inhabited by woodchuck(s), but seem vacant since a large woodchuck was dead across the street after doing battle with a car. I don't know if maybe it's young are dead and decaying in the hole, or if the flies are feeding off excrement, though I'd think the animals would eliminate outside of the dwelling? Either way, I have thought of filling the holes with gravel and lots and lots of salt water as that would (I think) be bad for the fly larvae if they are indeed feeding there? Other ideas? The exterminator that does the actual main building wanted a one year contract at an exhorbident cost for the parsonage fly issues.

Also, the fact that so many are dead, is there a health hazard in the house that could do that? Radon or Carbon Monoxide? I Googled, and couldn't find conclusive answers I was satisfied with.


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For this situation we need a specific identification. Take multiple samples to a county extension agent or equivalent. They/you may need to send them on to a registered professional entomologist.

Identifying the fly specie is paramount to solving the problem as they have different habits, lifestyles, food sources, harborages. Once specifically identified then we will have a direction to go rather than a scatter gun approach. Certain flies only breed in decaying animals, others in decaying organic debris, others in dry wall voids, etc. Knowing what they are specifically will save a great deal of time and point us in the right direction.
Keep us posted.


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basement flies , basement fly , flies , house flies , pests

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