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sprgwater 07-14-2013 02:00 AM

Help, tiny tiny oval-shaped insects on kitchen floor (springtails

I live in a small apartment in Florida and recently I noticed a good amount of tiny scattered bugs, about 0.5mm to 1.5mm long, on the floor. I'm not sure if I just never noticed them before because they are so small, or if they are recent. There is a crappy "closet" in my kitchen, with a closed door, which houses the crappy AC unit which is from the 70s or something. The reason I'm bringing that up is, while the condition of the apartment overall is nice and generally clean, the condition of that little AC closet is terrible - dark, rusty AC unit, torn up linoleum revealing old dirty linoleum underneath, dust, intentional holes in walls for cables and pipes from the AC unit etc.. in other words, lots of "potential sources" (like, bugs coming in from inside the walls or under the floor etc). That closet thing is too tiny for me to clean it properly, and since I can't remove the AC unit (as I can slide out the fridge or oven to clean behind/under it), it is probably going to stay uncontrollably gross for any areas I can't reach. My AC unit was recently leaking, and I had the staff fix it, but because it WAS leaking, I wouldn't even be surprised if there was mold damage inside that wall somewhere.

Anyway, here are the bugs... Sorry for the blurry photo but the only camera I have is my phone and I guess it can't focus on close up shots, but it at least shows how big they are. :(

(there are two in that picture, one above the penny and one farther left of that one.)

Their shape is an oval, but I guess a pointed oval at both ends. Looking very closely I can make out two antenna. Pretty sure they have 6 legs. When I attempted to squish some with a wet paper towel, they sometimes "teleport" to a random spot about 0.5" to 3.0" away from where they were originally. (obviously, I know they aren't teleporting, but that's what it looks like because it's so fast :) )

Looking online, I found some bug called springtails, which do indeed have a little appendage to spring themselves away when threatened, and I guess they are pretty tiny too. Is that what they are?

Looking at some images, some look like what I have, but the females look bulky and fat, and I've never seen those - just the slender pointed oval shaped ones. (unless there are different kinds of springtails, which I'm sure there are.)

If it is them, anything I can do? Should I be worried, etc? Thanks.

Startingover 07-19-2013 06:57 AM

as a former property manager I can tell you that your landlord has the responsibility to do 'pest control'. Call them. Any vinyl that is curled up is a haven for bugs and leaks are the worst, not to mention the openings for pipes.

From what you described that closet has the potential for many disgusting things.

You can google "Tenant Rights" for Florida.

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