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shark974 04-27-2012 01:15 PM

Help...scared of termites swarm?
Ok, the situation is I bought my little brick 2 bed home in East Texas about 2.5 years ago, obviously at that time a termite inspection was done and it was good.

Since then, while wary, I havent gotten any professional termite service or anything...while I know there has been termite damage to a house in this subdivision I also looked at before I decided to buy this one, my coworker/neighbor told me he did not get pro termite control (EG terminix) for his house which was virtually the same as mine and just a few houses down. So I just figured to chance it with mine. But being kind of OCD I do worry about it, but then again $23 a month is $23 a month.

ANYWAY, was just sitting here at the PC a bit ago and noticed these bugs crawling in from under/around the closed window, and winged ones swarming the window screen outside. Normally bugs cant get in the window obviously but these were, at least a few. Anyways I grabbed a can of raid and killed them. Went outside and there were lots of these "swarmers", either ant/termites I assume, flying in the air. I could not discover exactly where they were coming from, just a general tree area above my wood fence corner. They were everywhere, getting down my shirt etc, I used a lot of raid on them, had to retreat, etc. Before long they settled down and seemed "gone", not flying anymore, and mostly/all dead by my raid around the window/door, where they seemed to mostly have "attacked".

My fear was they were a termite swarm. I investigated and they definitely are termites not ants. They have the equal length wings, thick bodies, etc.

I'm pretty sure I dont have a termite infestation, I've never found the slightest sign of them in my house. My 100% thought is this was just an outside "attack".

But now I'm worried, how dangerous is this? I'm sure a few stragglers lived, in the ground around my house...are they going to breed now and I'm doomed? What exactly do they do? Burrow in the ground? Should I call an exterminator? My house is pretty well sealed, metal window frame on the outside, that's good.

Here are a bunch of pics I took on my camera phone literally within the last hour of this incident

A bunch of dead ones from the raid in the corner of the window

Here was a whole bunch raided dead on a lawn chair, just to show the scope and there was a lot!

Here is the same window from pic one outside

More of the inside window

Outside window again

General area the "swarm" seemed to be coming from. Very general area mind you, there was no specific area. They were coming from up high it seemed.

Back door area near the window in the pics, all this is my back yard...if you cant see lots of dead ones there too...

I pretty much raid sprayed all around the window, the door, practically drenched the front of the concrete porch, etc and killed all I could see more or less minus a few stragglers maybe,.

There may be no wings visible to you in these pics, but many of them definitely had wings, in fact I assume they all did since I do not think any crawled to my window, door, or porch area and there were many in the air. This is another thing that could imply termites since one site said unlike ants termites quickly lose their wings.

They also mainly swarmed to the one window, door/porch area. The rest of the back of the house was pretty clean. I'm going to check around the whole house in a minute. Also let me lay out it has definitely gotten warm recently (apparently when termites swarm)

So yeah, I guess mainly, how worried should I be? Also, is there anything besides termites or ants (definitely not ants as noted) these could be? Preferably something harmless? LOL.

joecaption 04-27-2012 01:27 PM

Google termite identification and look at the pictures.

You may be lucky this time and it was just swarmers. There flying toward your house not coming from it is a good sign in this case.

In the spring the phones ring off the hook at an extermiators office.

99% of the time you'll never even know you have termites until it's to late.
Depending on the species some come from under ground and can crawl up through the cracks and space between the brick and the sheathing, make tunnels in the voids in the block, or just make tunnels around any fountation plates.

jbfan 04-27-2012 04:46 PM

Termites are your worst ememy!!!

It's not the termites you can see that are the problem!

Look for dirt tunnels on the foundation and inside the crawl space.

When getting a company to treat the house, make sure they have a repir and replace policy, and not just a retreat policy.

user1007 04-27-2012 05:50 PM

Shop around for an exterminator. I often found the independents to be as good and much cheaper than the nationals. They were not so insistent on signing me up for monthly plans either although I usually had them schedule regular service of some interval.

A lot of household insectisides are of marginal effectiveness and you cannot get those that are without a license. I figure exterminators saved me money in the long run. Those cans of Raid add up in a hurry. And an exterminator is a lot cheaper than having to restore part of your house because of termite, carpenter ant or whatever damage.

joecaption 04-27-2012 05:56 PM

Spraying the few swarmers will do nothing.
If Termites are found it needs to be treated so it kills the queen. Once she gone the colonys done for.
I would never use Terminx or Orkin.
As mentioned stick with a local company.
If you want to know why please feel free to PM me.

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