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Getting rid of spiders outdoors

In WNY we get lots of spider webs around lights we leave on outside at night. Craps gets in the webs and it looks lousy. Every few day we clean the webs away, but they accumulate on the siding and the light fixtures.

Our mailman suggested having the house sprayed for spiders. Is there such a thing? Can I do it myself?


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Lights attract flying insects. Flying insects attract spiders. Going to need to turn off the outdoor lights.


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They are just looking for a meal. The wife did find a Brown Recluse inside our home a month ago. She was even nice enough to send me a picture of the deceased party, after she killed it.
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My wife wants the lights on, but she also wants the spiders gone. I want whatever my wife wants.

So, nothing to kill them or repel them?
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You can spray....but then they will just come back....

In the mean time you will have a lot more bugs.

Spiders are good...they eat bugs. Lots of bugs.

Learn to embrace them....just don't try to hug them...they don't like that too much.
Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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I just had an exterminator out to our house for a different issue, and while she was here I asked specifically about spiders.
She explained that they are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They usually need to take a direct hit from whatever poison you use. Spraying a general area just isn't very effective.
The most effective solution is to get rid of the food source, which would be difficult outside. Maybe you could put a bug zapper up nearby to get the flying bugs and make the area less attractive to spiders.
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Add a bat habitat?
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+1 on the bug zapper. Hang it somewhere where you don't mind having dead bugs fall.

I would also suggest using yellow bug lights rather than regular frosted or clear bulbs.
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right. yellow is better. Spiders outside? Almost impossible to get rid of 100%. The keep coming back. Dont waste your $$ on pest people. Or even chemicals. Spiders have a sense that warns them if "approaching " chemicals, unlike insects. They shy away, then come back. Also, they are 'dirtier" than insects, which makes them harder to kill- they do not clean themselves like insects, so they cant ingest poisons during the cleaning process- hence, they are harder to kill.


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