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Getting raccoon out of my attic

I keep hearing noises in my attic (more of a crawl space). My roofer identified the roof ventilator as the possible entry point and has sealed it with wire mesh. The pest control person I called 8 days ago was able to trap a couple of squirrels the first two days, but no more squirrels are taking the bait. I assume that we got rid of the squirrels. Yet I keep hearing gnawing noises in the wall and steps about the attic. I hear the noises around 9-10 am. I worry that these may be raccoons.

The pest control person said he cannot fit a raccoon trap in the attic because the opening accessing the attic is too small. With the roof vent tightly sealed, I am concerned that the animals will be trapped in the attic and die there. I would like to open up the roof ventilator so that they can leave and then seal it again. How can I force them to leave? Would noise, light, or cans of ammonia work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I once had to remove a raccoon from a heating system. Don't ask how it got in there

Open a few cans of sardines in a live trap and see what happens.


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The noise you hear may be the squirrels trying to get back in---they do that.
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Might be a bit dangerous in close quarters -- but I had a lot of luck using ammonia to get a ground hog out from my deck. I soaked some rags, tossed them under the deck, and after a few days he was gone. Well, not really gone, he took residence under my neighbors deck .
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I doubt that an animal the size of a raccoon is trapped in there. If so, it would be trashing the attic, clawing thru drywall, paneling, etc. They are not passive animals when trapped, threatened. You may have mice/rodents. Throw mouse bait packs to the edges of the attic, in all directions and wait a few days.
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mbb (10-31-2010)
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I had a family of raccoons living in my attic, my neighbor saw them going to and fro for months- thought they were "cute". They left after a week of constant talk radio, not music on the nearby radio.

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jlhaslip (10-31-2010)
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If you get to the point you have to grab the coon, grab behind its neck and hind feet at the same time, that sucker will eat you alive with its teeth and will cut you to ribbons with its hind feet if you don't.
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You can also try playing Justin Bieber.
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Hi mbb I'm Chris from Home Depot and I feel your pain on this. I think me and most of my customers spent all of last winter doing battle with squirrels in attics, crawls, etc. In my case every morning around 8am the squirrels would start what I can only imagine was their morning cardio routine. Pest control captured about 8! The soffit hole they came through was patched and all was good...for about a week. Setting a baited trap is a good option to try and get rid of your remaining visitors, I've not had much success with the radio solution however. Good luck to you with this, just remember this isn't going to be a done in one most likely. Get rid of one set and another will find a way in. Oh and as one poster mentioned if it were racoon's you would definitely know it, they get super rowdy if they feel trapped . If it does end up being a raccoon though my advice is to have a professional come out to remove it.
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I know they love marshmallows, cause they had a field day with them during the night on our last camping trip. lol May try baiting with those.
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A pro trapper gave me this bait---worked well----Marshmallows,peanut butter and pancake syrup -

Caught 4 coons and 4 skunks using it!


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