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juryduty 11-08-2010 02:22 AM

Fix a termite problem yourself?
Hi all,
I recently got a termite inspection after I found some evidence of termites in my crawlspace. The inspector confirmed, and quoted me $900 for spraying the crawlspace, drilling into the concrete patio and pumping termicide into the holes, and treating the exterior.

Question for you is, is it worth it to pay $900 for somebody to do this, or can I just knock all the termite tubes down myself, buy some Termidor, mix it according to the instructions, and DIY the rest of the work? Seems expensive for 1-2 hours of work for somebody. Anybody tried it?


PAbugman 11-08-2010 06:15 AM

Learn a lot about termites, biology and behavior. Learn as much as you can about termite treatments. Buy/rent/use a good hammer drill. It can be done diy, but the more knowledge that you have ahead of time will enhance your chance for success. Termidor is the right chemical selection. Make sure that you can get it down at least several feet below the surface.

Using a mattock, digging hoe, etc make a 6" trench next to the house perimeter. Since you probably don't have pressure treating eqpt, take a section of re-bar or equivalent and pound holes in the trench about every 12". Flood the trench well, let it soak in. Repeat the flooding as necessary until you have used approx the label reccommended amount. It could take all day, depending on how your soil accepts. Sandy soils, will take almost immediately, clay soils much longer.

A downside to diy termite treatments is if you are planning on selling your house in the near future, you will not have documentation from a certified pest control operator. You may then have to pay for a termite treatment. In real estate transactions, as in other areas, legal liability is the driving force.

$900 is about average around here for the average sized house. 1 to 2 hours sound quick, unless 2 or 3 operators are involved.

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