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Originally Posted by PAbugman View Post
Vincer: Good explanation on the difference tween Borax and boric acid. I think Borax could actually repel ants away from the bait, therefore not getting to the colony.

Next time you're in your lab (or kitchen) mixing up ant bait, consider mixing boric acid with apple or mint apple jelly. I think thats what our favorite ant gel bait is mixed with. The gel has active ingredient of 6% boric acid.
Also, as you may know but we should advise others of, is to never spray insecticide or even use cleaners near the bait placements as you may repel the ants from the bait and their usual paths. Let them think it is business as usual.

Incidentally, I'm also having the house treated with Boracare which could be simplified as boric acid (or some boron related compound) with propylene glycol which will absorb into wood. This if for the drywood termites which we ALSO HAVE. Hurray! My house is a termite buffet ... stupid California ! So looks like boric acid is like a bugs worst nightmare!

Altriset is a new and very effective and very safe termiticide. Went to a training seminar last Tuesday about it. Termidor works great on ants; altriset will not work on anything but termites for reasons that are hard to understand, but I believe them. Dupont won't even ask for labeling permission for other insects as it is so specific to termites.
Ah yes! Thanks for pointing that out! According to the brochure, the reason Altriset is so "safe" is that it specifically targets termite muscles or something, not human or pets. So thank you for clarifying that! So ... I guess it's Termidor for termites AND other bugs.

I chose Altriset for our house to get rid of subteraneans, I didn't even think that if I chose Termidor it would help against ants too! But the boric acid/sugar solution works pretty well, and I have two 3 year olds that like to expore the garden, so I think Altriset is still better.

I have often thought of making JELLO with boric acid (and food colouring it some hideous colour so the kids don't eat it) since that might cover ants that like sugar and ants that like "meat".




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