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jedross 05-05-2013 02:23 PM

Droppings founds - what are they?
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See the attached picture. I found about 15 of these in one corner of my apartment. Never seen anything like them before. From what I've seen they're not rodent. We've never heard anything at night, nor has our cat caught anything or freaked out.

Are these bug droppings? From what I've seen cockroach droppings don't quite look like this either? Are they droppings at all?

There is no (known) food source in this area of the apartment, or water for that matter.

Also if the picture is not clear the droppings are round on one side and pointed on the other. I cracked one open and it was brown/black with some white in the middle.

Any help would be much appreciated. No idea where to start.



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