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mcstan 03-11-2009 09:22 PM

Drain Flies - Help!
I have a breakout of drain flies in two areas; inside a half-bathroom off the laundry room and outside on a porch off the kitchen. The distance between the two areas is about 25-30 feet.

The drain flies outside are hovering near a door off the kitchen and one that leads to a screen porch. There is some rotten wood in a post from some old termite damage (no longer active).

The drain flies in the half-bathroom seem to be coming through the walls; I have cleaned the toilet and changed the drain trap. I have noticed that the flies are hovering outside the window of this half-bath. There is an outdoor shower head on the outside wall of this half bath.

I have used Drain Gel and Gentrol Aerosol, with no permanent success.

Could the outside flies be coming from wet leaves that have accumulated in the flower beds? THere are also a bunch of bromeliads that collect water and debris from a palm tree adjacent to these two areas. Lastly, there is a creek that runs behind our house that has been rather stagnant lately since it has been awhile since it rained and flushed out the creek.

Don't know what else to do...Help!!


SeaOfRed75 03-20-2009 11:03 PM

I would say you have some sort of plumbing problem. Only two times I have come across drain flies was when there were plumbing problems. Once a drain line broke inside a wall in a school. That line was connected to a garbage disposal, so we are talking nasty buildup after it was all said and done. Other time was recent at a Sorority in a basement drain. Will be going back next week, so will see what they found out on the plumbing there.

Try the old tape over the drain trick to help see where they are coming from. Source needs to be found, or no amount of pesticide will help you.

ocoee 03-29-2009 08:07 AM

yes the flies could be coming from wet leaves or even potted plants

look up Phorid fly this is what I suspect you actually have

njalex1 05-09-2009 02:33 PM

mcstan, dealing with same issue
I am dealing with a drain fly issue for more than 2 months. I have had exterminators come up and they are unable to find source. I have tried drain gel and nothing. Cleaned all drains. Do not think they are coming up from drains.

When it rains, I see many more of them which makes me believe that it could be a window or leak in a wall somewhere. I am seeing them in mostly 2 rooms on first floor and also on one wall on the outside of my home.

These things have been driving me crazy. Please update this board is you have any luck finding them and let me know the source.

I am at a dead end trying to find the breeding ground(s).

Good luck

shumakerscott 05-10-2009 03:31 PM

Clorox bleach
I'm no expert by any means but I know Clorox will kill everything.

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