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DIY spider killer?

This chemical is a synthetic pyrethroid, which is made from some sort of flower. In other words, it's a synthetic remake of a naturally-found chemical that is in some sort of flower. From what I have been told and read, it is 100% safe to humans, (and probably animals too), but it kills bugs.

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DIY spider killer?

Ah ok, that's kinda what I figured. Good to know. So it's similar to benifect, which is also from plants. Kills mold and stuff, but a human can actually drink it. The concentration on a tiny bug carcass is probably super small too.
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DIY spider killer?

You can try some organic methods that deter spiders. Aromatic plants such as mint or lavender can help to turn a spider around before it heads indoors. Keeping a lavender plant on a window sill or placing mint plants in the herb garden will help to keep the spiders away. Eucalyptus leaves can work to simultaneously repel spiders and make a house smell good. Place these leaves under furniture, in closets, in drawers, and other dark places. More info on How to get rid of spiders
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DIY spider killer?

Hey squirrel, how has your results been? I am going to be finishing my basement soon and um going to be using demand before I finish framing it out. And what kind of sprayer did you use? Where did you get it? Thanks!
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DIY spider killer?

I have been using cyonara 9.7 for about a year now. There is a wetland behind me and I have a walkout finished basement and see a lot of big spiders around.

For the exterior of the house I spray about 2-3 feet up the walls, 2-3 feet out on the ground, around all the windows and doors. I also spray all the exterior thresholds of the doors, make a perimeter around the garage floor as well as draw a 2 ft wide line across the garage door.

I also do a quick light spray around the baseboards in the basement, thicker in my unfinished utility room.

A couple days after spraying I will see dead spiders balled up along the baseboards in the basement.

It does not take too long and I use about 1oz per gallon I think. And I never use more than a gallon sprayer and my house is almost 4000 sq ft with the walkout.

I will spray again every couple months or the first time I see a live spider in the house again. (I have only seen them in the basement)

I have only been in the house a year but my re-assurance that it works is when I was out working in my yard and saw the pest control truck on the driveway next door. The pest control guy came over to introduce himself to ask me how my spider and ant problem is going because he used to do this house with the old owners.

I told him I have never seen ants (probably due to the cyonara) and what I was using to control the spiders.

He said HE NEVER HEARD OF IT !? yeah right.

Lol I told him to google it. That stuff gets great reviews all around the board.

Couple things I have learned using it. It does not kill on contact and you are supposed to use what you have mixed within a few hours.

The easiest way to mix and apply it. Fill a one gallon sprayer half way add the cyonara, shake it up then add the rest of the water and shake again to get a nice even mix.

Iím curious to hear others thoughts on the stuff!
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DIY spider killer?

My results have been fantastic. I spray once or twice a year. Normally I spray in spring, outside and inside (only the basement, fully unfinished) I go pretty heavy on it, I use 1oz in 1gal of water. Usually 2 batches total. Though last year I took it easy and ended up using 1 gal for both in and out. I sometimes do it in the fall too as spiders are looking for a place to stay for winter, but this year I never ended up doing it, and I was also curious to see how effective the last spraying would hold up.

I have to say, I'm impressed. I still see an occasional spider web here and there, but it's way better than what it was before. The crawlspace under my garage also remains more or less untouched. I will always see a few webs here and there but it's far from what it used to be. Like, it was BAD. Even after I cleaned it, it only took a year for it to get almost as bad as what it was. Since I sprayed, it's much better.

I'm due for another application, but I'll probably wait till spring so it's more fresh. There wont be any new spiders coming in at this point, and any existing are most likely dead.

After an application I always find dead spiders here and there, also dead centipedes, pill bugs, and other random insects. The stuff really works.

As for the sprayer, I just got it at Canadian Tire. Look in the pest management section of any hardware store and it will probably have one, if not, maybe garden, for fertilizer spraying. Same idea, just a pump sprayer. Works pretty good.
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DIY spider killer?

I have the same problem at home. I've been killing the baby spider with my shoe whenever I see one. What I fear the most is, some of them are getting really big and I have a 4 month old baby. I generally want to exterminate all of them, is this Demon solution safe for babies?

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