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Bed Bugs

Sorry about my post, but I was trying to answer many people's posts at one time. As an entomologist, I've worked on bed bugs for over 15 years.

---- Actually immature bed bugs are called nymphs

This is diatomaceous earth. There are also other dusts such as derived from silica gel.
"This stuff is like magic, non toxic but try not to breathe it.
Put a thin layer of dust over all the cracks and crevices previously treated.
Put on bed and furniture too. Its messy but well worth it as it really does work. Takes about 10 days to 2 weeks."
---- Actually you are applying it too thickly and will cause health problems affecting lungs and breathing. Use of a dust mask is useful when applying, but if applied to so many places such as in furniture and bed, you would want to sleep with a dust mask. It's actually not non-toxic due to its physical nature, but not chemical nature.
You can take the bag out of the vacuum (if your vacuum cleaner has a bag) and dispose of it.

"Quick bed bug facts first. Good news is while they gorge on blood they do not, as far as we know, carry diseases since they don't cross feed. Obviously if you scratch a bite you open yourself to an infection. The bad news is an adult can gorge and not have to feed again for a year! Nymphs are near transparent and hard to see."
---- I don't actually understand what you mean by cross feed, but this bed bug species feeds on warm-blooded hosts, typically us, but birds and mammals are fare game. The adult bed bug doesn't gorge and then not have to feed for a year. It's only under very cool conditions where it can last for a long period of time after having eaten. If a host is around, it will feed. The hatched first instar nymph is white and difficult to see; once fed it is easy to see it since red blood is in it which darkens as it is being digested.
"The consensus here is that chemicals the consumer can buy are an absolute waste of money. In fact the most effective treatments seem to be hypothermal. Many exterminators use liquid nitrogen if they can source an infestation."
Not true. Many chemicals are the same as a professional can buy. It's really where you apply the chemical that's important. No, it's not liquid nitrogen but a carbon dioxide system called Cryonite. Not many exterminators use it.
"I will say that whenever I had walls open in a renovation I used boron as a prophylactic tool against bugs before sealing up walls. Diatamaceous (sp?) earth is similar in function and certainly will not hurt anything. Both are minerals and harmless to people and pets. Boron can render soil sterile though. I suspect you can buy a giant bag of diatamaceous earth at a pool supply company for a fraction of what they want for it as a pest control product. It is commonly used in pool filter systems."
----100% wrong. Borates are not advocated for bed bug control. Diatomaceous earth must never be the pool filter type for insect control. It is a food grade version that is used. Inhalation of the pool grade version will produce silicosis, a condition very much like asbestosis.
There really is no nest of bed bugs since the insect is not a social insect like honey bees, ants, termites, but it's called a harborage.
The mattress encasement is not as important as a box spring encasement.
An iron is good to iron mattresses, but a high heat, low vapor steam is better. Slowly steam surfaces.
"They love to hide and lay eggs in clutter, seams and carpet fibers! And remember, adults can go a year without feeding..."
---- They actually don't love to hide, but clutter gives them more places in which to hide and females lay eggs and these glued to surfaces. That's why clutter is a problem.
"Even people in NYC got lyme disease when pigeons carried infected ticks from the wilds into town."
---- No, not exactly. Not necessarily pigeons, but other bird species that forage on the ground where ticks would be and their normal rodent or other small mammal hosts live.

"Gentrol, unfortunately, is not on the consumer market. I use it as insurance since it makes immature bedbugs sexually sterile."
---- There is some discussion regarding Gentrol. Recent studies showed that using it at 300 times its recommended dosage had an effect on the bed bugs. It's not recommended at this time. Its action is not the same as it has on cockroaches.
"The bedbug has a chemical it uses to deaden pain so the bite does not feel like a mosquito bite. That is part of the reason some people will get a little red mark where bitten. Some people show no mark. I do not think 2 people in the same bed in a bedbug infested room would not both be bitten. They don't run, jump, hop, or fly. And I don't think they climb over one person to get to the other. Some people are just more sensitive to the bite."
---- There are different proteins used in the saliva of bed bugs versus mosquitoes and that can be the reasons for different reactions to different insect bites. I've fed bed bugs for over 15 years and don't react badly, but a mosquito bite causes itching. Bed bugs can run very quickly and may climb over a person to feed on another, but most likely will stop and try feeding on the first one it comes to.
"I do not think bedbugs go longer than about 6 months without a blood meal. No blood, no eggs."
---- Correct, if there's not blood, there's no eggs, no sperm and also sperm that is in the female from mating will also die. Warmer conditions and their metabolism is sped up; cooler and it slows down.

---- Without copying your entire post, it is basically without merit. You post the exact same thing on many forums and all experts in the field continue to tell you that you don't understand bed bug biology.

"I try to use Suspend SC at home whenever I need to spray something. It does not smell and will not stain anything, which is nice. It is also not very toxic and harmless to humans/pets once it is dried."
---- Actually Suspend (deltamethrin) is one of the products that there has been reported resistance issues in bed bug populations. It's not good to use the same product (same chemical family) over and over again because of resistance issues.

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