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i have built 2 large bat houses and i hope this spring some of the new "moms" will elect to move to the new "digs" ..closer to the pond so the new mothers can get the shopping done without straying so far from home

i am one of those people whom does not want to kill them..but i have to work at getting the numbers down in the attic


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when we had our problem,,,

in a 1860s house near the river, i found, rather'n a tennis racket, a badmitten racquet work'd much better,,, faster'n easier on the elbow.

not near as much fun's the .22 skeet gun, tho !
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Each night at dusk my lab mix sits in the back yard staring skyward with a wistful (I know) look on his dopey face. He sits watching the bats fly around our yard. I'm not sure if he wishes he could fly, or if he thinks the bats are squirrels that have learned a new trick to evade him.
If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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Originally Posted by steve1234 View Post
the killing fields.......

During the previous summer we had seen bats flying from the house in the evening (we live in a heavily wooded area). They looked like they were coming from a space between a facia board and our gutter. Fast forware one year: remodel demo starts, pull down the ceiling....hmm lots-o-crap, wife horrified. Looks like mouse droppings, set traps. A portion of our house has a second story and the activity was coming from this chase that ran the height of the second story wall. From down stairs you could actually look up inside this chase. Heard squeeking sounds, sounds like mice, set more traps, bb guns loaded.

A few days pass, phone rings at the son is all excited asking if he can shoot it? I calmly ask...shoot what? He says, "the bat caught between the window and screen". I quickly think...hmm, new window, no don't shoot it. Bat??...hmm maybe 'dem's not mice afterall.

Wife now at Def Con 5.....immediate action required. Still hear squeeking. Priority 1: Keep 'em out of the house. Must seal up the entry path. So I boxed in the bottom of the chase (picture).

Priority 2: Serve the eviction notice: I never did like that stupid chase so out it comes. Got on the roof, pulled the fasteners from the piece of siding, attached a line, moved to the other side of the roof, gave a yank on the line to pull the siding off, it came off, let the bats fly away.......nothin'...?? Lots more droppings, still hear some squeeking, approach with caution.

Hmmm...get off the roof, grab the .22 pellet gun, son covers me with his gas powered air soft gun. While on the first story roof, I lean against the 2nd story wall under the 2nd story eve and shine the mag light up between the backside of the gutter and the facia board.......a few pair of beedy red eyes looking back at me and down the barrel of the pellet gun.

Round bat drops (screams from the wife below). Another round, another bat (more screams). 3 airsoft rounds, another bat. Another pellet (here's the good one)....three bats drop out one at a time. Whoa, nice shootin' tex. 3 more dropped from the spot and made a run for it, they made it out.

When the shooting stopped, we had 14 bats down + the 1 we got trapped in the window, 3 bat insurgents escaped. I ripped every nasty thing out of the that wall and tossed it. Sealed up the siding and have not seen / heard any new evidence. It turns out there was a gap about 3/4" at the top of the facia board that they were able to get over and into the wall chase.
Are you my husband and is that my boy with the air soft gun? I'm printing this up for them to read, they'll LOVE it!! It's that time of year that the blackbirds swoop down and snip at my cat, wonder if the boys wanna whip out their bb guns? <hmmmmmmmmmm>
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I recently did a 1878 house for bats with easily 500 bats in the attic

The company that comes out every evening at dusk either has little training or a lot of free time

You don't seal one hole at a time you seal all holes but one at one time and you can do it in the daytime

EVERY hole and gap has to be sealed, I use a foam made by Todal but I believe that Hilti also makes some if not duct tape works in a pinch
Then you attack a tube such as a caulking tube or piece of 1 1/2 PVC as an outlet for the bats
Either put a flag on the exit end of the tube so they can't fly back in or put the exit end into a home made bucket trap so they can be permanently removed form the area

Bucket trap

Cut the bottom out of the bottom of the bucket and cover with 1/4 inch steel mesh
Cut a hole in the top of the bucket just big enough for the exit tube to fit in tape or foam the tube in place
Use wire, bungee chords or trusty duct tape to secure the bucket

I'll take a picture of the simple trap I'm doing now Tuesday if it will help
Spent 25 years in Pest Control
Now I pull Raccoons out of peoples attics
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This is all great information.


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