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SBLima 06-02-2012 08:27 AM

White distressed furnitures in a Mid Century?
We are in the process of putting an offer for a Mid Century home. I do not like Mid Century homes. I do not like minimalism and modern furnitures. It's so cold and uninviting. It may look sleek, but I have never really taken a liking to modern furnitures. So why are we considering it? My husband loves the floor to ceiling windows and.... the pool. And the price is a steal. But he's a guy who wouldn't think twice about hanging surfing photo from a magazine spread on the wall.

The interior needs make over. The previous owner was insane! Every room in the house has a different flooring (bamboo, wood, laminate, etc). The walls in the bathrooms are painted yellow, purple.... The fireplaces are painted red and blue. The counter tops in the kitchen are of different materials. It's a nightmare.... but also a great chance to re-decorate.

Since we live close to the beach, I want more of a beach cottage decor. I love the kitchen in "Somethings Gotta Give". I want to re-do the whole kitchen in that style --- white cupboards, white brick subway tile back splash, dark wood floors. Our dining table and furniture all have that antique white distressed look.

That is, paint it all white and add built-in book shelves and white distressed country looking furniture. Can I further add a deck or porch?

Porch and French doors were a no no.

Should we walk away from this home? or can we get away with decorating a midcentury home with white distressed furnitures? Please help!!

EMD360 06-21-2012 11:44 PM
You can do just about anything you want in your own house. Witness what the former owners did! Did you decide on the house? Post some pics!

user1007 06-23-2012 09:11 PM

I think if you like the home or can at least live with its basic design, and you are getting a great price? Go for it.

I would find an interior designer you can get along with and have some fun. I think you will enjoy the experience and working with a designer need not be anymore expensive than doing it alone. Designers often draw most of their income from what they buy for you. They will have access to things you will never have. You will get exactly what you want. You may actually find you save money working with a designer and essentially buying at wholesale or trade prices rather than your best deal off retail.

That said, I worked mainly on antique homes older than mid-century. I sort of cringed when clients ventured too far from what the home was and went with approaches that were obviously out of character with the house. Again, a designer can help you alot in this regard.

Ask around. Some furniture stores or department stores that sell furnishing have designers on staff. I have always worked with those who are independent myself. The American Society of Interior Designers is one resource you might tap for their members in your area.

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