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Diytodolist 11-05-2011 02:08 PM

Where in U.S. can I purchase a 6ft Arreca Palm?
I would like to purchase an artificial palm but I keep getting the U.K. Any ideas?

Thank You, Judy

silasraven 11-06-2011 08:38 AM

kinda exspensive

hope that helps

user1007 11-13-2011 08:30 AM

Guys from Florida sell the things in parking lots here by the truckload in the summer. The only problem is they ship them right from the greenhouses and they have a slim chance of adjusting some times. And you have to check the undersides of the leaves/fronds for bugs right away (a wise idea regardless of source when adding houseplants or bringing them in for the winter). They are dirt cheap.

A good nursery or full service florist will gladly order you one and you can return it if it dies---so long as you take reasonable care of it. There are no doubt interior landscaping/plant care companies near you that stock shopping malls, offices and so forth. I suspect they would order you one as well. You might also google something like tropical plant nurseries US?

Depending on where you are, keep in mind the temperature of truck in transit if you order directly. Thing could soon freeze on its way to you.

Remember to put a gravel pan or something under it and keep water in it. Or get a humidifier. Winters are brutal here with zilch humidity when it gets cold. Very hard on some tropical house plants and things like pianos.

I am not much for artificial plants and flowers but will say that some of the silk ones do make me take a double take at times. I wouldn't own them but places like import stores, Michael's, etc. used to sell palms and so forth. Michael's even hires floral designers to work only with silk things. If they don't have something in silk, they might be able to order one. Whether they would let you return it I do not know.

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