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Jim McClain 10-03-2010 10:11 PM

What Size Crown Molding?
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I am starting to remodel my bedroom. It's a small room that measures 11x12'6" with a closet on one long wall 2x8'. Ceiling height is just over 8'. My plan is to do a tall wainscoting, about 5' in height, all around, painted a warm white with a medium green on the wall above and a lighter green on the ceiling (all of these colors are used in the main room of my apartment, but there is no wainscoting there). All the trim will be in the same warm white.

My question focuses in on the crown molding I'd like to use. There are several sizes available and I am unsure which size to use in this room. I'm afraid that too large a crown molding will look too bulking and over-sized for the size of the room. I have been considering a small crown molding that is about 2", maybe a little less (1" I think), but I'm worried it might be too small.

Your opinion is valuable. What size crown molding would you think a good size for a wall of this height and with a wainscoting on the walls. Below is a picture of my finished main room (last year's project) and a section of wall with the tallest piece of furniture in my bedroom - note the line on the wall that indicates the approximate height of the wainscoting.

Thanks for your input. Jim

jackofmany 10-04-2010 07:16 AM

I have kept scraps from most mouldings I have made in the past specifically for the purpose of "trying out" the profile and size to see how it looks and feels. I recommend you do the same. To answer your question on size. Depending on your source you should be able to find a Ogee Crown approximately 3". Max of 3 5\8", Min of 2 7\8"

It would be good to have a chair rail - or in your case a top moulding for the wainscott that complimented the Ogee of the crown. Some Ogees are more elegant or sleek, others are bulbous and have a "heavy" appearance. Hopefully you will have access to a sleek profile for both trim mouldings. Good luck.

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