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Originally Posted by Bud Cline View Post
You guys just don't want to quit do you?
Gee Bud.... everyone needs a hobby.....
Originally Posted by Bud Cline View Post
I'm thinking the place could use some more furniture and dragon statues before it needs to be painted.
and if they built in ceiling to floor bookcases, there'd never be a need to paint!



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Hey Folks, this is a perfect example of why I give the advice I do. People who ask for help choosing colors are really looking to have a color "picked" for them. That's a dead end street, a fool's errand, in this forum anyway. As a paint contractor, I work one on one, face to face, with full view of people's home, and with knowledge of them and their tastes, and the final choice between two color samples right in front of them, on the wall, is still difficult, and they still ask me which one I would choose. Some people are color challenged to the point of inaction, or reverting to safe choices--off white, beige, etc. It's not their fault, or a slam against them, they just lack the basic knowledge of how colors work and work together, which is not hard. I beleive that, as pros, we should be teaching people how to make these choices, rather than making them for them. Here is a repost of mine from the paint forum.

MJ, welcome. That's a tough question to answer, even with pics. I always encourage people to research/learn about color selection on their own, just as I encourage learning to paint without tape. Life is about learning, and your outcome will be that much more rewarding when done. Asking a question like that in a forum will only produce a stream of random color options, but will still leave you with the final decision, which is really where you're hung up. It takes a bit of time, but it's really not as complicated as most people think/dread. Find some information on the color wheel and info on color schemes, about how colors work together. Learn about terms like monochromatic, analagous, complement, split complement, etc. Once you have that basic understanding, it's really just a matter of plugging colors into the formulas. And, since the floor/wall pairing is just one aspect of decorating, you'll have the basics for choosing all the other elements of interior design, window treatments, area rugs, artwork, decor, etc. To start, go to a Benjamin Moore outlet. IMO, they do the best job of teaching how to pair colors, and have the best instructional material. And, many have decorators on staff. They also have large 2 foot sqaure color samples that you could lay out on the floor. If they don't have colors you like in that size, get some samples and poster board and make your own. Reaching color conclusions on your own will be more fun, more rewarding, and you'll feel a greater sense of independence, rather than leaning on the opinion/suggestions of people who don't know you or your tastes. Good Luck.


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