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collegestudent 08-08-2010 10:23 PM

What color to paint dresser and desk?

I'm moving into a house w/ great hardwood floors, white walls.

I've cobbled together some furniture and it DOES NOT MATCH! However, they're awesome, useful pieces that I think can be made to go together w/ a little paint coordinating.

Here are the pieces:

1. Really cool antique dresser, circa 1950, round lines, silver handles, very "Retro" looking. Four drawers, top drawer has a checkerboard pattern. The whole thing is painted one color: dirty beige (ew!).
2. Bright white desk. Rectangular, v. plain.
3. Ikea bed, light wood, unpainted, some black metal rods in it.

I am painting the dresser and the desk. But I don't know what color to go with! At first I was thinking something really and white for the checkerboard on the dresser, bright blue for the rest of it, and then spray paint some birds or other stencil shapes onto the sides in a neon green.

The desk, I would paint black.

But, now I'm thinking it might be too "matchy" with the other items in my room (blue nad green comforter, green rug, blue surfboard).

What do you think?

epson 08-17-2010 10:56 AM

Ok here are my thoughts; the dresser as suggested would be painted black and the checkerboard pattern should have alternate squares painted silver to pick up the silver handles.

The desk should be painted a nice blue which will compliment the black and silver. As per the bed I would paint the unpainted wood a silver to tie everything else in as it has black metal rods for accents.

Just my .02 cents.

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