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Sherlock-look in a College Dorm


I'm new to the site, having found it through a quick search for ideas via Google, so I'll start by introducing myself:

My name is Matt, I'm 19, and I'm now a sophomore in college.

What I noticed progressing from my freshman year and now into my sophomore year is a need for defining myself in my environment so that I can define myself in my aspirations as an individual. I'm very much self-taught, raised having gone to many antique stores, refinishing furniture, working in construction and landscaping, and a current environmental science major. And..
to reintroduce a more relevant point of progress pertaining to this post.. I realized that I had no sentimental attachment to the organizers, closet storage units, various bins, lamps, etc. that were bought at Target or Walmart, etc. because they lacked my personal style entirely and they were something that everyone else had.

Foremost, I recognize that I shouldn't spend an extraordinary amount of money on decorations, furniture, organizing spaces, etc. while in college because there is the risk that it may be taken or damaged. However, that's the beauty I've learned about antique shops, consignment shops, and goodwill: everything is relatively cheap!

When imagining the "Sherlock-look" to a living space, which the recent movies make it quite easy, I envision:

1. A library of interesting and aged books, a lot of darker woods being incorporated into the space.

2. Items collected from travels, ie. oriental, african, middle-eastern, european, south american, etc.
3. Speaking of travels, perhaps an antique globe.
4. The use of colored glassware (ruby/cobalt) as storage.
5. Wooden cigar boxes.
6. Plants, ie. mint, aloe vera, yet I struggle to see a cactus...
7. A bust or two of important people in which one is knowledgeable about.
8. A lot of either gold or silver metals in the room, but the best bet would probably to choose one or the other, maybe even brass?
9. A hand-clock, something that actually has the hands.. any digital clock could really throw off the look I think.
10. An hour-glass sand timer.
11. A chest of some sort, most likely wooden also.
12. Wall-art or drapes, or both.
13. Other oddities, which could be included with items collected from travels, but things that have meaning to you as an individual.
What I've noticed is I'm a very eclectic individual who's been hunting for pretty specific items, most which are listed above... I've obtained a good amount of the previous list already:

1. Japanese figurine, roughly a foot tall. $18

2. a wooden folk art piece depicting a wandering man or a homeless man, roughly 6 inches tall. $3
3. a bombay company hourglass sand-timer mounted in a deep wood with a cherry tint to the wood. $7.50
4. avon company ruby red glassware creamer and sugar pieces. $6
5. cobalt blue glassware antique oil lamp fixed in brass, about a foot tall. $15
6. antique John Quincy Adams bust, heavy dark metal paperweight, about 4 inches tall. $2
7. pollice verso painting print, about 20 inches. $5
8. numerous books dating 1870s-1950s, all for about $20 or less, I probably have about 10, ranging on everything from ethics, economics, mathematics, philosophy, history, and medical advisers.
9. wooden cigar boxes, all sizes, various woods, colors, brands, etc., probably about 15-20 of them, all for free from a local vendor.
10. other antiques and rarities, plus what I already have collected over the years, such as fossils from my own fossil hunts that me and my dad have gone on, pagan pieces, peruvian/native american art, stones, a replica human skull, replica raptor claws, and much more.

Now, of course.. I won't be able to include all of this into a college collection, but that's the beauty of it is having a choice.. the peruvian/native american art probably wouldn't serve the look too well in comparison to the hourglass sand-timer, the oriental pieces, the bust, the books, etc.

What I'd ask of those reading this is to share ideas to help complete this look, ie. I didn't even think of it until this far down in my typing to include a rug which would probably be crucial to the look. I'm very open to different ideas, any pictures or links you could provide would be great, and I'm really appreciative of all the help. Hopefully, this will inspire someone else to try and incorporate some of these ideas into their home and lifestyle. Also, if you find my views interesting or want feedback on your own design ideas based upon my interest, I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas. Again, thank you very much DIY interior design community! :-)

-- Matt


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I wanted to apologize for the lengthy post and again emphasize that any help, advice, or words of wisdom that you can give to this look would be greatly appreciated!

I can also get pictures posted about some of the collection I've gathered from this weekend's adventure to the antique stores, consignment shops, and goodwill to give some perspective on what I'm looking at for a blend of the "Sherlock-look" with my own style. With that in mind, any pictures or ideas of what would do well with this collection would be awesome!


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Here's a few pictures!

Wooden Cigar Boxes:

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-004.jpg

Hourglass Sand-timer:

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-007.jpg

Japanese Figurine:

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-008.jpg

Glass Oil Lamp:

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-009.jpg

Queen of Hearts Wooden Card Holder Box:

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-010.jpg

Quiver and Helmet Wall Mounts

Sherlock-look in a College Dorm-011.jpg

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First thing you should probably do is scale your space on paper so you have something to carry with you. Some on this site like SketchUp for such things. I use Sweet Home 3D for basics. It is free and open source.

I will think about your challenge. Meanwhile, do you have dorm mates and how do they feel about your plans? If you are a sophomore aren't your first apartment days soon upon you or is their an on campus residency requirement where you are attending?

There are indeed a lot of treasures out there if you have the time and patience to find them. Friends used to scour the streets of Manhattan and sometimes found really nice and expensive stuff set out the curb to be crunched by trash trucks.
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bakenboy (07-02-2012)
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Nice things you have there.
Great that you are interested in decor at such a young age.

Good for you.
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bakenboy (07-02-2012)
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Thanks for the feedback so far!

Well, as far as a room goes.. I do have a roommate currently, but I may be applying for an RA position which would allow me to be in double room by myself. The rooms are average sized rooms big enough for two people to have closets, dressers, a desk, a chair, and two beds unbunked, and perhaps a bookshelf or two of modest size. I'll have to try that free program you mentioned.

Also, yummy mummy, I appreciate that, any advice for a young man interested in decor?


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