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Dionysus 12-07-2008 02:09 AM

Repainting wall in basement color advise
Ive been working on finishing a basement, and the color on most of the walls is pony tail (like a light tan). In one room, I let my wife paint what she thought would go good. She ended up using paint we had left over from upstairs to save cost. I'm sorry, but ive invested way to much money on the "base" to save $20 on a gallon of paint. She painted it denum blue with cream texture. It also happens to be in my prized "deluxe" mancave of all places. I left it for a while to make her happy, but the wall is behind my TV, so its an eye sore that I can't take anymore. . Nice warm tans thoughout the basement and then the bright, cool blue that doesn't fit in. I can't take it anymore.
Anyways, I'm going to repaint the wall and was hoping for some opinions. Everything is Pony tail or some sort of tan throughout the basement. It looks great and feels warm ( have gotten tons of compliments, except for the blue). I would still like to keep the wall a different color for an accent wall. I was thinking browns or even a burgandy.

Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions? I'm very open minded(though it may not sound like it) and would consider anything. Once again, accent wall to go with tan walls. Decorations and furnature will follow, but empty right now.
If you need pictures I could upload some if that would help, if the site lets me. I new here.

Dusty 12-20-2008 04:46 AM

Your idea of a brown would be great. A nice deep chocolate behind the TV would just fall away and be a good backdrop and would give you some drama while going with the rest of the walls. If you don't have furniture yet it might also make it easier to find stuff that goes than if you go burgundy (although that's a nice color too). Just make sure you take the paint chip from the other walls with you when you pick out paint so you can get one with the same undertones. You don't want a grey undertone brown if you tan is a yellow undertone for instance.

agrace 12-25-2008 07:17 PM

We did our entire basement in a chocolate brown, actually it is "tepee brown" and the furniture is a tan color. Brought in the darker color on the couch with a throw and some pillows. Bring color samples into the area so you can tell if they will look good together.
We're using a dark brown leather bench for a table/footrest. Everyone that has visited has really liked it. There is a store called Kirklands that has inexpensive lamps and accessories that can help pull it all together. Always bring the stuff home and see how it looks if it does not seem to look like you think it should take it back.

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