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Scottg 09-28-2013 11:20 PM

Picture Frame Glass Sources?
Anyone know any good online sources for quality picture frame glass? There's various types of Museum quality glass, etc., like Tru Vue or whatever, but I'm having trouble finding places that seem to sell larger sheets at 24"x36" or larger to cut myself.

We're getting a table saw soon and I'm planning on making a nice little miter sled so we can make some frames we've for pictures we've been planning to put up. SEVERAL local framing stores - even on sale - want HUNDREDS of DOLLARS for certain large frames when I know with my router and soon-to-be-new table saw I can easily make some nice frames all on my own for a third to a quarter of their prices. (Basically, if I make just a few frames, I'm close to paying for a nice table saw. Which is just insane.)

Anyway... anyone have any good sources for glass? That's the last missing piece.


Live_Oak 09-28-2013 11:43 PM

If you want museum glass, then the only place that's really cost effective to get it in less than job lot quantity will be a frame shop. If you just want clear glass, most towns have larger glass stores to buy it from in lesser quantity, but you'll need the equipment to handle it safely.

Don't forget the acid free matts and a matt cutter if you're going to set up a DIY frame shop. A properly matted print with a professional dust cover on the back is what sets apart a pro job from an amateur effort. Matts are more important than frames for the look.

joecaption 09-29-2013 05:17 AM

Wish you luck with this idea.
I've never even see a table saw in a framing shop.

Scottg 10-04-2013 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by joecaption (Post 1247536)
Wish you luck with this idea.
I've never even see a table saw in a framing shop.

Possibly wrong tool. Possibly overkill. But my new table saw is arriving tomorrow. No more running to friends' houses every time I need something cut.

So I'm going to find a way to use it for frames. And cutting sandwiches. And anything else I can find! : )

Probably better to do it by hand or with a miter saw. But if I have an accurate miter gauge or add a jig to cross cut sled I'm building anyway, should work. We'll see!

As for glass, I can live with less than museum quality, so it'll probably have to just be finding a local shop.

Two Knots 10-05-2013 09:50 AM

hi Scott...frame shops have a special saw, I think it's called a guillotine...
Well, that's what the head knot around here calls it...
It cuts the two miters perfectly, it's also very expensive.

Now for your table saw will love it! :thumbup:

Yes, you can use your new table saw for frame making...
We made a mitering sled for our table saw for perfect cuts.
It's not easy to do, but it can be done with a lot of practice.
You also need to make a jig to hold the pieces together while
glueing. Where there's a will there is a way, you just have to
be able to think outside the box.

I'm sure if you do a search -- there are videos on how to make a
mitering sled for a table saw.

Once you have a table saw, there's no end to the stuff you'll
be able to make...
About the glass research Mirror and Glass stores, they will be
able to get you quality glass. We buy our clear glass ( for cabinets
we make) from a Mirror and Glass store. This is your best option.

Are you doing this for just some frames for yourself, or do
you plan on making them to sell? I am assuming you have
glass cutting experience?

I'll be back to show you an antique picture framing tool
that we have.

ktkelly 10-05-2013 12:00 PM

Near New Haven?

Hobby Lobby would have what you need. Make sure to print one of their discount coupons first....:)

Two Knots 10-05-2013 12:04 PM

1 Attachment(s)
check out this antique picture frame making tool.

It's a Stanley 400... does anyone know anything about it?

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