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Staticman2 02-03-2009 10:52 AM

painting a small hallway, need opinions.
We recently bought a new home and pretty much painted the entire inside of it before moving in leaving only the hallways, bathroom and one room upstairs unpainted, so now its time to get to the hallways.

The hall that I am talking about is very small and in the center of the downstairs connecting pretty much all of the rooms on that floor. it is rectangular with a door on each end (one to the bathroom and the other is the basement) and 2 doors on each of the remaining sides for a total of 6 doors!

The 4 doors lead to the living room (no door just the doorway), 2 bedrooms and one is a closet. I am having a difficult time deciding what color to paint this hallway as it is mostly doors (all white as is the trim in this particular hall) the living room is painted "spiced gingerbread" on the walls which is a warm orange kind of like pumpkin pie and the wood in the living room is "bittersweet chocolate" a dark brown. one bedroom is "frosted pine" which is a cool pine green color with "antique white" trim, the other bedroom is my 3 year olds room and the top of her walls are pink with a wallpaper border between that and a grass green two toned scheme with white trim and a mural of a tree that I painted in the panels of her doors (that is for another thread maybe :))

The walls in the hallway are currently a sort of burnt orange with a maroon hue to it (thats the best I can describe it) which is the color it was when we bought this place and is too close to the shade in the living room and looks way off. what color do you fine folks think would look right in this area and not clash too harshly with all of the colors mentioned?

The green in the master bedroom and my daughters bedroom are not even close in shade and I am not a fan of putting another shade of green in the hall, also the bathroom is currently a pine green (which will be painted a different color to be decided later as soon as we install a window in there) so we are kind of greened out lol.

What say you? ALL suggestions/opinions will be appreciated as I am 100% at a loss for choosing a color currently.


7echo 02-03-2009 07:47 PM

White trim and doors, off white walls.

jmb324 02-03-2009 07:55 PM

I see your dilemma..thats a lot of door ways & colors to make cohesive...
this link might help you with finding complimentary colors....

So you have different options here, based on what you wish to accomplish...
besides choosing a good your goal to make the hallway look longer?
Do you want to give it more impact or to make it blend in so that the doorways are the focal point...

A lighter neutral color will help create a bigger space...
(its hard to guess without having seen the actual colors in each room) but Im thinking a lighter shade of taupe/suede/tan or the creamy a gold family? ...those colors should work well with your oranges, greens etc...
Some people choose to do the halls in a bold color to make the white trim and door frames stand out, and give the hall its own identity just as each room has.
Another idea that creates more length/ well as drama is to do bead board/wainscoting and a chair rail on the lower half, painted to match the baseboards & doors/trim and then your color choice on the upper...but thats a bit more ambitious and expensive than just painting.

The living room is usually the most prominent room off the hall so that will be the main color you need to compliment.
good luck with your project.

Scuba_Dave 02-03-2009 08:04 PM

I painted our hallway white for more light

JenniferRyan 02-03-2009 09:08 PM


The biggest issue is the variable colors in the rooms leading off the hallway. Oranges, pinks,'s a lot to deal with. One solution would be to consider painting the girl's room peach and green to coordinate with the spiced gingerbread. Then choose a warm beige in the same tone as the gingerbread.

The other solution is to pick up a light sage green and carry that into all the rooms. I emphasize the word Light!

Finally, you could just choose a warm beige, let the doors and trims spark it up with their white, and not worry about the hall. Let the rooms themselves do the talking.

Hopes this helps!

Staticman2 02-12-2009 12:22 PM

Thanks for all ofthe input! I went with a color called "honey oat" which is just a medium shade of an oatmeal, it is on the light side of a beige and looks good enough that the rest of the halls in the house are getting the same color.


Dana11 03-08-2009 03:31 AM

You need to choose some light color for your hallway walls to bring in light and give an impact of a bigger path. light colors make the area look wider whereas dark color give it warmer and smaller look.


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