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Chuck H. 02-07-2014 06:58 PM

Paint Color Selection For A Small Bathroom
Hello, all. I'm remodeling a small bathroom in my house. It's ~7'6"X5'0", and it's configured as a 3/4 bath. The shower and small linen niche take up 3' deep and 5' wide. And the small amount of open wall on this side will be faced with the same tile as in the shower. So, now we're talking about roughly 5'X5' floor space which will have the toilet and lavatory.

So, there are three walls left to deal with, and the ceiling. Of those three walls, one will have man-made stone. What's left is a wall ~8' tall and 5' wide. The remaining 8'X5' wall is the one with the door.

What I'm wondering about is should I stick with one color, given the modest amount of wall/ceiling area. Or should I go for a more traditional white ceiling and walls to use colors from the materials? I'm also uncertain about a medium or dark color. The shower pan/toilet are white, and the lavatory is yet to be determined-it'll be either a pedestal or wall-mount vanity.

Please suggest choices, as I'm not too good about this. I'm better for the construction part. I'm adding pictures of the tile and man-made stone, to give y'all something to work with. Thanks in advance.

Shower interior wall/ceiling/facing wall

Floor tile


Chuck H. 02-08-2014 05:13 AM

Thanks for the advice. Those are definitely not colors that came to my mind.

I've searched Sherwin-Williams' website and found a couple of possibilities. Are these roughly in tone/intensity of what you were thinking?

Gymschu 02-09-2014 10:58 AM

If you like SW paint, usually you can go to your local store and get FREE color consultation. Not all SW stores offer this, but, most do. Take your camera in with your pics and they can offer some color choices, or, better yet, a color consultant will come to your house to assist you.

Chuck H. 02-09-2014 08:29 PM

Hey, Gymschu! I appreciate the advice on getting the finish prep on the Durock. I'll be back over there to search/ask about paint techniques/products.

I live in a fairly rural area, and other than a local hardware store, it's a 100-mile drive for better choices. And that is pretty much S-W, Lowe's or HD. I'd have to go probably double that distance to find a (say) BM store.

I did go back to the S-W store today. Thanks to the advice of audrycampbell, I think I might have a good combination in Roman Column for the ceiling and Paper Lantern for the walls. Homburg Gray is an option if I went dark, but I am kinda liking the cream and manila with the gray marble and the brown woodgrain ceramic floor tiles.

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