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JOeyDee 04-11-2008 01:13 PM

Need Your Pro Advice On Deco'ing My New Studio Flat
Hey Folks

Been on the board reading comments for the past week and well - it's time for me to post about my new studio flat in Dubai

Alrighty! It's not so much of a big studio flat, as some know Dubai is quite expensive. Home rent is normally paid upfront for 1 year in either 1 cheque or if you are lucky 2 cheques (meaning every 6 months you pay in advance) It's a weird system of things but it goes!

Ok - so here are some pics, and I would like to know your feedback in regards to what you think would look good in my flat and please do post images of whatever you do suggest. I was at ikea today and I saw some pretty cool stuff!

This is the area

opening the door

kitchen on the left. I'll put a Washer & Dryer on the left side and on the right will be the oven

Across the kitchen is the Fridge place & bathroom.


View from the kitchen to the end of the room

View from the end of the room to the kitchen. So from where I am standing I am thinking of putting my bed there. and on the right side of the pic put a 40inch flat screen tv on the wall. A long stand type of shelve to put my dvd player and so on. On the Left side I am thinking of putting a black leather couch with a black table on a black patterned rug?

Ok so that's about it. GIve me some ideas folks.

JOeyDee 04-11-2008 01:27 PM

OK just realized that my last pic is kinda hard to follow with what I am trying to do.


The BED will be on the far side of the room (where the window looking outside is) the bed will be facing SIDE B.

Side A will be where I want to put my couch & table & run

Side B will be my TV & stand for dvd player, movies and so on...

So what you think?

I need some help please ;)

Sir MixAlot 04-12-2008 02:20 PM

I would definitely go w/ Stainless Steel appliances.:yes:

JOeyDee 04-12-2008 02:25 PM

Hello Sir Mix-a-lot!

I did that yesterday - went to the appliance store and did my list of things! All stainless except the fridge... that's fine though right?


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