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harleysilo 01-27-2009 07:14 AM

Need sugestions for funky painted stirps in 1/2 bath
Hi all, i just finished up all of the plumbing electrical and drywall work in our new 1/2 bath. It is off of our kitchen and the space used to be a walk in pantry. It is approx. 6' long by 3' wide. I can post a picture of the the toilet to be used and vanity/sink/mirror combo if requested. This is the space prior to me finishing the doorway and walls.

The sink is a clear glass type that rests on top of a granite top to the vanity. The mirror matches the vanity but hangs on the wall separate.

So our kitchen is painted a yellow/gold color named "Ale", so is the hallway leading to the new 1/2 bath.

Originally I was thinking about painting it a burnt orange color, but thought maybe I could paint something more interesting.

I thoughts some vertical stripes might be nice, strips could be wavy or have unclean lines, I'm not opposed to painting the ceiling, putting up crown molding or any other suggestions, i have a lot of space over the toilet that could be utilized with shelves or cabinetry.

Maybe I'll try and take some quality pics tonight to help give the scope of the project.

jmb324 01-27-2009 11:36 AM

Stripes are "very in" right now....and there are many products and applications out there to make it easier. That new "wallpaper that goes on like paint" works very well for striping but can get pricey, although a few friends have told me it was worth it in the time and headaches they had encountered in past stripe attempts.

*I saw a tip on hgtv about painting stripes...
they had the stripe design measured/layed out with blue tape and before starting painting she took a clear acrylic paint and coated the edges of the tape, claiming that it prevents any bleeding of the colored paint behind the tape.

A decorator friend of mine just did her guest bath in wide vertical stripes of a fairly light lavendar and a blue-ish gray and it turned out very impressive...
she did the lower half of the wall to chair rail height in the blue-gray then did the upper in the stripe, added the white chair rail and crown molding and framed the mirror out in the same molding--decorated it in a spa like theme with colored glass and some shells etc...its really got the wow factor without being over done or too high end.

Another friend did her teens bath in a blue on white horizontal stripe and did a wavy pattern like you mentioned, it also turned out really well...but she did say the curvy lines were quite the challenge taping off etc...she did a texture treatment on her stripes to create the idea of water as well.

Good luck with your project...I look forward to the results!

harleysilo 01-28-2009 11:55 AM

Finished the last of the drywall sanding and primer last night (they said the primer couldn't be tinted as dark of a brickred as I wanted, they were right....

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