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mtresselt 11-08-2007 05:20 PM

Need interior paint color ideas
I live in a chalet style cabin with a loft. From the kitchen and living room you can see almost every room. It has always been painted white and I am looking for a new color. The ceiling is 26 ft. It has nice wood cabinets and wood window and door trims with wood railing in the living room to the upstairs. It's only 29x29 so I would like a color that would not make it look smaller. My furniture is a moss green color. Any ideas for me?

crecore 11-08-2007 08:02 PM

a picture is worth a thousand words... but moss green is a cold color (while pleasing to me personally). Opposite the color wheel a nice light lavender would be warmer, complimentary and not change the feel of the size of the space. Find a painting or fabric with these colors, one that matches your furniture... and match the paint to the lavender. Note that it will look brighter and lighter in the can so dont be afraid to try it.

Another color to look at would be one of its tertiary compliments (1/3 around the wheel) perhaps a kind of nutmeg earthy color, too dark will make the space smaller though.

good luck

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