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ur house is kind of set up like mine.


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have you thought about stippling the walls or ragging

Use a creative technique, of painting the walls I say some sort of faux painting, I think a terra cotta paint on the walls that blends in with the floors and leave the fire place alone, the dark walls will make it pop, and down the road, you can change the fire place if you chose I also would make the grout, between the fireplace bricks darker, maybe you can use the same paint, that would also make it pop, waddya think of that idea? it appears to have a shade of terra cotta in the brick.
I really think it would warm it up much more, kinda like a sunset color... Makes it nice and cozy and I actually think you could go either light or darker, Prefer darker, (or both) or like I said maybe make a faux look, I also think of a wall made to look like adobe walls, if thats what they call it, just slap some joint compound on the walls with a compound 4 inch knife. very very thin, and not so smooth, let it dry and paint over it, you will make a nice textured wall.. or you can just pain faux cracks in the wall, sporadically ( If you are into southwestern) Hmmm Nice. don't you think?
I think the gold is a beautiful color as well, I just don't think its a good choice, with the floors. I think you may be sick of the gold before you know it, & I think you may regret painting the fireplace down the road as well
Another option is cranberry on the walls white trim around doors etc, and use a textured wallpaper in the kitchen that will blend in or better yet tile the back of the kitchen walls, and use some mossaics. Tile will be easy to clean and will last forever.. and again leave the fireplace alone, Maybe stain the grout darker. to match the floors or walls..I would not touch the brick yet until i am absolutely certain about the outcome. ( that's just my opinion) ,But i think you are stuck on gold, gold and yet more Gold, tee hee
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Wood, thanks for your fab ideas. You brought up some points I had not thought about and I appreciate your input.

One thing that Hubby and I agree on is that the fireplace will not be touched. You cannot tell in the pictures but it is not brick, but rather limestone rock.

I had thought about pulling the wall color from some of the colors in that rock, though, and I think we have hit upon a solution for putting in a mantle. My reason for choosing some shade of gold is that there is a minimal amount of ambient light in the room, and it sorely needs something to brighten or warm it up. I'm still up in the air about the final color.

I had the same thought you had about texturizing the walls. Right now most of them are covered in wall paper which will be coming off NOW.

I'll post pix when the project is done.
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Have you decided yet?

Never underestimate the power of uplighting,,,
A few plants in the mix and a favorite trick of mine is nightlights, inexpensive yet effective, I put them everwhere... they are really a good thing, to add just the right touch to a dark corner, or behind an end table or sofa/chair... or even a wall unit if done properly, It really is amazing what a little light will do, Well which ever color you choose, Keep us informed we would love to see the end result, we love before and after shots..... Good Luck!
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Yep and an eye popping color from the red to terracotta, depending on what color that floor really is. I lean on the REAL pros. Head for the fabric stores and see what colors are being used in fabrics that have those colors you are already working with. Just a smidge of an accent color will make all that yummy gold just seem right, but I'd be selecting the exact accent based upon what the R&D folks have already figured works. I lean on the fabric designers and folks who have painted paintings that I love. They already have made their mistakes. There is a wonderful buttery gold that my niece used and then used in her next house. My best friend was trying to find a wonderful yellow without being a copycat and wound up in tears in the middle of an already painted room that looked like a doggone caution sign times 5000. We repainted in my niece's gold and have never regretted it.


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