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ddzc 06-19-2014 10:46 PM

Moving in to a new condo - help designing
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Hi everyone,

I'm moving from one condo to another and have to sell my sofa and bed frame...both don't fit. Just to give an idea, I'm a "somewhat" young bachelor so I want something young, fresh, manly and elegant and classy at the same time. I might rent it out furnished in the near future so I want the place to look impeccable but I also want to keep my costs a little down

I posted a few pictures. It's a 2 bedroom condo - 750 sq ft.

When you walk in, the second bedroom is on the right. I'll be using it as a den. I have a black computer desk already with silver legs, nice desk which I'll be using.

As you walk in, the kitchen is on the left with the island right in front and then a rectangular open concept living/diving room.

I want to get a swivel bracket perhaps and mounts it on the wall, in the corner right in front of the balcony door on the right side. The left door is the sliding door. I have 3 bar stools already which will be sitting at the island.

Now, I need to figure out the living room bc it doesn't have huge width and a lot more length. As you see it on of the pictures which is facing the hallway and entrance door, you will see the frosted window..those are sliding doors which can open up bedroom 2. I own a glass bar table with 3 bar chairs. I want to either put that right in front of those doors OR sell it and put the sofa pretty much against those doors. I wouldn't mind a sectional basically going across and down the an L against the frosted doors shape. Do you guys recommend the kitchen table and chairs against the frosted door and the sofa basically next to it? If so, I'll have to get a small sectional so there's walk through space from the bar stools and the sofa in the lane of the open concept hallway. I can ditch the table and chairs and just put the sofa which will give me lots of room to walk around. With the bar table and chairs I'm pushing the sofa more to the center of the open concept room in front of the stools, therefore I'll have to shrink the size of my sectional to give walking space in between. I can always eat at the island. The bar table and chairs are more for the nice design and have less empty space in that living/dining room.

Another question I have...the floors are dark dark brown. The kitchen is dark brown and white. For the bed frame and sofa (which I have to buy), I was thinking about a nice creme colored sofa and a creme/brown queen bed frame. Have a nice brown carpet with the sofa maybe, not sure what to match the sofa with in terms of rugs and carpets. I also have nothing for the walls, no picture frames, canvases or art work, does anyone have any recommendations? I like the stainless steel ones, tacky? The unit is new so all white walls, do you all recommend a color for all of the rooms? I was thinking about painting prior to moving in.

I know I'm asking a lot and appreciate the help in advance Any other points or suggestions on basically anything, would love to hear it!


arvinboy 06-23-2014 10:57 PM

Nice condo you have. Simple and minimalistic but white color doesn't fit with you if you want something young, fresh, manly and elegant and classy at the same time. Try warm color combine with cold color, for color combination ideas you can search on Google, interior magazines or if you have enough budget try to hire interior designer in your area.

rckdng 06-27-2014 01:29 AM

Wow that's a nice little condo you have there. I think a few Barcelona chairs to go nicely with it

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