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deliveryguy 08-29-2010 07:44 PM

Master Bedroom Ideas?
Hey guys -

Just signed up here. I'm moving into a new apartment this week and I'm looking for some inspiration. The room I'm moving into has a light brown carpet and white walls all around. I'm going to be centering my bed (queen, if it helps) on one end; my computer desk will be on the other. All clothes will be in the walk-in.

My problem with the room isn't necessarily the color... it's the texture of the walls. They all have this rough texture to them that I don't really like.

I'm only going to be staying here for a year, so sanding/painting isn't an option.

I want a really "warm" feel; I have bamboo plants, scenic posters, and lots of warm ambient lighting. I'm just not really sure how to warm up the walls...

I was thinking about getting some sheets and just covering all walls with them, but I'm not sure how that would look...

If anyone has any pictures of really "warm" and nice rooms that they think might inspire me, I'm very interested. Otherwise, any tips for making the room seem "peaceful" would be really nice. Thank you for your time :).

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