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diy888 09-02-2013 11:27 AM

LED transformer questions
I am considering some under-cabinet LED lights based on recommendations I've received here. But I don't think it's feasible.

There is no outlet to plug the transformer into. That is an absolute given.

We have a 120V 14 AWG hot wire (black, white, ground) coming out through the wall directly through a hole in the 5/16" wooden apron at the bottom of the cabinets. Below the cabinets is a granite backsplash, full-height.

This 120V wire used to go directly into a fluorescent light. I can follow this 120V wire down into the basement directly below the kitchen and see where it runs along the floor rafters.

I know you wouldn't want to run high voltage over a thin wire, but is it possible for 14 AWG wire to carry 12VAC?

With a Class 1 transformer, could we do this in the basement:

120V 14 AWG wire -> transformer -> 12VAC over 14 AWG --> 1st LED

That is, basically wire the transformer in-line. Bbring 120V on 14 gauge into the transformer, and take 12VAC over 14 gauge out of the transformer up to the first LED, and there we switch over to low-voltage wire and daisy-chain additional LED units using the low-voltage wire?

I estimate the distance between the transformer in the basement and the first LED would be about 8 feet.

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