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Diane M 01-29-2008 08:23 PM

Kitchen do-over
I have just painted my kitchen cabinets a linen white and the walls a soft yellow. It looks really good, and I am very happy with the results! Now I am changing the countertops. I want granite,and am leaning towards a dark counter color. A black with lighter flecks perhaps? Any comments?

BleachCola 01-30-2008 02:48 AM

do u have pics of the kitchen ?

sunnydd 02-03-2008 01:11 AM

I saw a "flip" show where the house had white laminate cabinets and they refinished them in a tuscan type paint finish? or was that a laminate overlay? anyone have any ideas

PassionateDIY'er 03-01-2008 03:17 PM

Black and dark charcoal gray shows dirt and dust. More flecks or textured the counter material the better to hide dirt/dust.

Sandra31 05-01-2008 01:56 PM

Would a light granite top counter be too white? Maybe if you have steel appliances the grey black counter top would look better... I re did my kitchen (which was really small and only had a small window) in all white with stainless steel fittings and appliances and it was brilliant for the space... your lucky to be getting granite bench tops!!!

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