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tasharose926 03-17-2009 10:47 AM

I need helping picking colors . . .
I'm buying a foreclosed house and need/want to paint everything but I'm having a hard time choosing my colors. I want to go neutral but need it to match my furniture. My couches are gray and red. Originally I wanted to paint my living room a light taupe color but I'm not sure if it'll match with my furniture. I want to keep the colors light since there's not much natural light . . . any suggestions?

waynech 03-17-2009 12:04 PM

Check the new Ben Moore Pottery Barn color chart and another new chart they designed which both feature current hot colors.

Dana11 03-18-2009 07:11 AM

Giving some basic tips on choosing the right kind of colors:

Coordinate Decorating Samples
When you go shopping, you'll need to refer to your fabric, carpet, tile, wallpaper, and trim samples constantly. Be sure to take everything with you wherever you go. No tellng where you might see something wonderful.

Study the Colors
You'll find clues about the underlying tones of different shades of a color on a full sample strip of coordinated colors. Even if you're not even considering using a darker tone, look at all the colors carefully. Decide if the family of colors is the direction you're headed with your color selection.

Tried and True Formula for Colors
If you're working with a print fabric, you'll probably be happier if you select the coordinating wall paint color from the background of the print. Use the deeper or brighter tones for accents throughout the room or adjacent spaces.

Trim it Out

More often than not, you'll select a shade of white or off-white for the moldings, doors, and windows. If you're feeling brave, consider the palest shade of color to coordinate with the walls. For a really striking look, try lighter walls and dark tones or bright color for trim.


ekmommab 03-27-2009 03:34 PM

I am an interior designer, and it would be kind of hard to tell you what would work without knowing what kind of red and gray you furniture is. Try posting a picture and I bet you will get a lot more feedback. I would sure love to see what you are working with. Congratulations on the new home!!

Sir MixAlot 03-27-2009 04:13 PM

Here's a good link from Sherwin Williams. You can click and drag any of their colors to walls,ceilings,trim and furniture. Click Here

leviathan 03-29-2009 01:35 PM

Here is another good link for some color visualizer software. Last I checked, it was free. Just signup and download.

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