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Easy way to cut glass bottles with common household equipment

This technique should work with all glass, that isn't too thick.

You could make nice ornaments with this, good for candles and small potplants.

I think this might be the wrong forum, can somebody point me in the right direction?

I've posted it on my website at : http://joundill.eu/diy.html

Cutting a wine bottle in half the cheap way

What you will need: A wine bottle
A piece of moderately thick string (a bit thinner than shoelace thickness, but a shoelace would do)
Some Methelated spirits or alcohol
A lighter/ matches
A container of cold water (big enough for the wine bottle to fit into)


1) First loop the string around the bottle, where you want to cut it once and tie in a knot
2) Take the loop off and soak in the acohol
3) Place the loop around the bottle where you want to cut it again
4) Set the string on fire
5) Wait for 10 - 40 seconds (depends on the bottle, shorter is better, but the glass has to get reasonably hot)
6) Quickly place the bottle in the cold water, it should where you had the string burning, if it doesn't straight away tap it on the side of the bucket
7) Voila! You have a cut wine bottle


If the wine bottle breaks into 3 pieces (Top, Bottom and a ring in the middle, you probably had the string burning too long.
If the wine bottle doesn't break at all, you had it burning for too little time
If the wine bottle has cracks running along it it was heated too much



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