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Willie T 06-16-2013 03:57 PM

Dwg/Drafting programs to evaluate color schemes
I see, constantly, posts asking for help in selecting wall, flooring or cabinet coloring or accenting.

Does anyone here ever actually draw up representations of their living spaces and color those?

I mean even if you have to print them out and then color them by hand?

joecaption 06-16-2013 04:36 PM

A few of the bigger paint companys have a way do down load pictures of your home and you can change the colors right on screen.

Willie T 06-16-2013 04:38 PM

Do many of us here ever take advantage of that offer?

user1007 06-17-2013 12:54 AM

I use the Benjamin Moore Visualizer all the time. You can use it online or assuming you have Adobe Air loaded, you can download the free application. The Sherwin-Williams one works the same and there is a package for $39 put out with an HGTV label or something too.

Most often I pick a "pre-masked" room or exterior from the Ben Moore sample photos that looks close to what I am working on but if the client wants to pay me, I can upload their images, mask them, and explore paint combinations for them. The process is not difficult but takes some time depending on how accurate you want the masking to be. I have used it for clients asking for truck and other vehicles schemes too. Basically you just keep picking different colors for the different masked areas until you get what you want. Then you at least have a starting point for ordering large swatches, those little sample bottles, or a quart of something before mixes 40 gallons.

The visualizer also suggests color schemes but I do not use that feature because...

I use other color tools for exploration of color relationships like Color Impact ($40-50?). EasyRGB (free) is great for matching pixel color to paint formulas, dyes, inks and so forth. Use a pixel grabber (Color Cop and PicPick [both free] or the one in Color Impact work fine for me). Just type in the RGB color code of any color you display and capture and easyrgb will kick out the four closest matches in major paint color collections (box store brands are not supported last I looked). I take the Ben Moore colors kicked out in easyrgb into the visualizer. Essentially I can go from a photo or fabric sample direct to paint color exploration in a few steps.

Sweet Home 3D is a fave free program for floorplans and you can pick wall and furnishing colors for it to display if you want a stylized representation of basic color. It is nice for demonstrating color flow from room to room too.

As you work with any of these onscreen color tools, do be sure and set your monitor to 6500K which is the standard color temperature for viewing and sharing color discussion. There should be a setting in your control panel for Windows machines. I do not know how it works on Fruit things. If your monitor color is off, you will not be able to judge much accurately.

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