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hyunelan2 10-09-2009 03:12 PM

Dining room renovation - looking for ideas
A water leak from the upstairs bathroom has dictated that I will be redoing the dining room. We moved into the house on May 26, after it sat vacant for a year. It was built in 2002, and is a custom home of "traditional" style. The house was very plain when we moved in, all one color, no frills, very vanilla.

At first, I wanted to throw drywall back up and get it over with as fast as possible, but since I am having to redo this room anyway now, I might as well do it how we will like it - even if it takes until Chrismtas. Here are 2 pictures of how the dining room looked pre-move-in, the room is 12'10"x11'11" with 8' ceilings.

Since I'm redoing a ceiling, I have aspirations of putting in a tray ceiling with cove lighting. Nothing extreme - just dropping the outer ~16-18" edge of the room down about 8". That will be enough to give the illusion that the ceiling is raised in the center. Then I'll put up crown with cove lighting behind it. That part I know.
Example: (random picture from google, not one I know).

So, I took a picture and opened up photoshop, these are some ideas I've had:

original image:

Photoshopped, adding tray ceiling with light, chair rail, picture frame molding, and door casing. The color is using the eyedropper tool on the picture on the left:
Different color:

Chair rail, entry trim, with 2 colors (colors may change, just grabbed them from the picture on the wall).

Only one color:

Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions. I really liked the paneled wall look, but it may be a bit busy? I've done wainscot panels before, have them in the foyer, and am not worried about doing it - just looking for some ideas to move me in a direction.

Shamus 10-10-2009 06:03 AM

I've seen a room with a tray ceiling similar to the size your doing. Although they used a nice color accent you felt like you were walking into a closet when you walked in. An 8' ceiling isn't high enough to for that option, in my opinion.

If anything I'd use vertical elements like a chair rail to give a more vertical feel to the room. Use complimentary colors and it gives the feel of a larger room. Then add in 5" cove molding around the ceiling.

Just my 2

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