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mthhurley 11-13-2011 11:34 AM

Design/Color advice on a small dining room
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Hello all.

We have a small dining room, about 12x12. Currently has the old dated honey oak chair rail and base boards. The room has 2 windows facing out the front of the house and opens up to to our foyer.

This entire house has the honey oak trim throughout it, so changing it all is simply not in the budget.

I'm looking for advice on color schemes, whether to paint chair rail/baseboard (and if so, what color) and also thoughts on using two colors above and below the rail (the two windows also have a honey oak ledge).

Additionally, if I opt to paint the baseboard, where do I stop? As I said above, this opens to the foyer, so there's a virtual "line" between rooms, but I fear it would look tacky going from white baseboard to honey oak.

We like warm colors, nothing too contemporary/modern.

Any thoughts or guidance (PICTURES!!) are appreciated.

*Edit...added two pictures of the room I've primed and trying to contend with*

user1007 11-13-2011 01:11 PM

I like paintiing a darker color or shade below chair rails than above. I usually paint dining room ceilings other than white also.

If the honey oak is in good shape, and since you will have to decide where to transition, I would leave it alone and just pick colors that work with it.

Why not use one of the free virtual painting programs from the major paint companies to paint the room until you find some combination you like? I know Sherwin-Williams and Ben Moore have them online. Ben Moore's is downloadable. is a great free place to explore color combinations also. You can post your challenge there for others to work on as well.

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