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leahjz 04-06-2012 04:26 PM

Built In Planter & Wet Bar
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Hi All,

We bought this late 70's era house last year, and it has tons of unique features that we love about it. It was a show home for the neighborhood, so it's packed full of "upgrades" throughout (including 3 wet bars...).

We're struggling with what to do with our front entryway, which contains a built in planter (under the stairs) and a wet bar. We have tried putting plants in the planter, but nothing seems to do well there. It seems to just turn into this place where we store junk. We're hoping to get some good ideas for it so that we are ready when we renovate the area.

All suggestions would be appreciated! I've attached some pics to give a better idea of the layout.


user1007 04-06-2012 09:55 PM

Looks like you need plants that do need a lot of light under that staircase. I would go to the library and get some books on indoor gardening. You local florist or nursery may have an indoor division.

One other option is getting preserved plants. Unlike with truly artificial ones, preserved plants are very hard to tell from natural ones. They have essentially been embalmed. They are pricey. I've seen some nice indoor gardens done with a mix of these and natural plants to fill in.

Make sure you provide lots of drip pans or better yet find or have one made to cover that whole basin. Line it with gravel and keep some water in it to provide humidity for the plants. Looks like you have lots of airflow which, in general, plants like unless it lacks reasonable humidity.

I would think about an indoor drip irrigation/fertilizer injector system for that space too and low voltage lighting could be nice?

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