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JoeyP72 01-29-2009 02:55 AM

Bedding color ideas
So I am moving into my first apartment and I get to decorate everything my way. I'm looking for something that says modern and simple but makes a nice statement without being too over the top. I have picked out most of my furniture and waiting for it to arrive. Most everything is black, glass and some kind of metal/metal like in color (more of a brushed metal than polished). My real issue is what I should do with my bedding. The walls and carpet are off white and I don't want to paint. The bed frame is a solid black queen sized platform as are the dressers, no nightstands yet, still looking. There is brushed nicked accents. I want to add some color here. I'm thinking of doing a deep red (garnet, burgandy, crimson etc.) for the drapes with a black scarf. I could easily reverse that. For the bed I'm racking my brain because I want to use red, black and a silver colors. I was thinking of using two different colors for 4 pillows. I'm kind of leaning towards red and silver pillows, red sheets and a black duvet, but I'm worried that that would be too much black in one spot since the bed is also black. Would black and silver pillows with black sheets and a red duvet work. A silver color duvet is kind of out of the question because I can't really find any I like or in my budget. But can three colors all be used at once? I plan on using solid colors because I'm not a huge fan of prints or pattern. Any input would be great thanks.

jmb324 01-29-2009 09:29 AM

I agree with you that a black duvet may be too much with the all black bed, but if you use enough of the accent colors you might be able to pull it off...I think the red will be your stand out careful not to go too dark if you have a lot of black...and dont rule out using any patterns though...maybe some kind of minimal stripe that has your key colors would break up the have to be careful using all solids in a room thats got white carpet and walls, as you can have a "big block effect" and things can look stark.

You can also bring in the needed pattern and texture with your desired colors by adding an area rug. Also the artwork on walls.

Try bringing home a few pillows or the drapes with your desired colors and see how they look "in person", you can always take them back.

Some onlline stores have programs that you can design your room and see what the colors would look like before you buy. Another place to get ideas is to go to a furniture store and look at the room displays.
congrats on your first place...thats always an exciting time.

Dana11 04-24-2009 03:47 AM

The colors you choose are all black and too much of black wont stand out. Try red with it or white adding another color like lime green, aqua. you mentioned you don't like prints, why don't you go for mix n match pillow and sheet colors.


Vikki Foley 04-26-2009 06:00 PM

updated colors to use with Black
How fun! Sounds like you pretty much have a blank canvas. Since black is not a color, you can do almost anything. I would stay away from the red, burgundy idea though or it will look harsh and very predictable. I would consider using some lighter tones such as aqua with touches of orangy melons. These colors will be more updated and softer. If you are allowed, paint one wall of the bedroom a grayish taupe such as Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter and add bold large artwork. I like canvas art with no frames right now. :thumbsup:
Vikki Foley
Interior Designer

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